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Fact 631: Hachiko was a dog who would greet his master Hidesaburo Ueno at the Shibuya Station every day for about a year when his master would come home from work at the University of Tokyo. Fact 633: In the original The Little Mermaid story, the Little Mermaid endures excruciating pain “like walking on sharp swords” as a price for getting legs.
Fact 634: In Gisborne Airport in New Zealand, one of Palmerston North-Gisborne Line’s active railroad tracks runs right across the runway.
Fact 636: Jason Earles who played the teenage Jackson Stewart in Hanna Montana, was 29 years old when he took the role. Fact 639: Since February of 2012, Rialto, California has required all police officers to wear a camera to monitor all interactions with the public.
Could it be that less people will cry police brutality when they know the cops will show the whole 15 minutes video of them being an obnoxious jerk and not just the 2 minutes edit of the so called brutality.
Because of their unwavering loyalty and selfless love, August 26th has been officially recognized as National Dog Day. The most important thing that you can do as a pet owner to ensure that your dog lives a healthy, happy life is provide them with hearty, nutritional food. While you may think that your dog simply wants to be scratched or have their stomach rubbed when they roll over on their backs, this is actually their way of showing their complete trust in you. Just as people need to be groomed and cleaned in order to stay healthy, dogs need a proper amount of maintenance in order to look and feel their best.

While it’s no secret that dogs love to get their noses into just about anything and everything that they can, there is a reason that they use their nose so much.
While National Dog Day is a great excuse to give your dog some extra attention and love, these wonderful animals deserve it more than just once a year. The date March 13th was selected because March 13, 1942 is the official birthday of the United States K9 Corps. 11 states officially recognize K9 Veterans Day: California, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, West Virginia and South Carolina.
After this practice was instituted, the number of complaints to the department dropped by 88%. This day was not only created as a small way to express appreciation for all of the dogs around the world, but also as a day to show extra love and thanks to our wonderful furry friends!
Specialized products such as DogSlim are designed especially to promote proper weight and nutrition in dogs.
This is because they are putting themselves in a vulnerable position with their throat exposed. Luckily, most dogs love a good brushing session now and then, and this is also a great way to ensure that your dog has a healthy coat. While the average person has around 10 million scent cells in their nose for smelling, most dogs have about 220 million scent-sensitive cells! Keeping your dog happy and healthy through proper diet and exercise as just one way of giving back a little bit of the love and care that they give to you each and every day.

For the next nine years, until his own death, the dog would show up when his master’s train would arrive and wait for a time before leaving when it was apparent his master wasn’t coming home that day. The Little Mermaid is given the chance to become a mermaid again, if she kills the prince and drips is blood on her feet, but she chooses not to and throws her body into the sea where it disintegrates and she turns into a “daughter of the air” spirit. Be sure to keep all table scraps and human food far out of reach from your dog and provide them with food specially formulated for them. When your dog does this, be sure to return your appreciation with a loving tummy rub or a gentle pat. By adding a nutritional supplement to their regular diet, such as MirraCoat, you can ensure that your furry friend has skin and hair that looks silky and smooth. Therefore, each and every smell to them is about 22 times stronger and more interesting than it is to us. Hachiko’s body was then stuffed and mounted and can be seen at the National Science Museum of Japan in Tokyo.

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