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When dogs in the wild make a kill, the outranked animals drag pieces of food away so they don’t have to fight the leader or a more dominant canine for it, says Dr.
Albright suggests swapping metal bowls for plastic versions or paper plates to rule out issues with noise. Usually, once the dog realizes he can’t get at the treat, he’ll stop pawing after a few seconds. With enough repetitions, your dog should learn to look at you when you say “leave it” in anticipation of a tasty treat, ignoring the bait treat altogether.
Tell your dog to “leave it.” Using the command you’ve taught your dog, show your dog the gesture as you say “leave it” in a firm (but not yelling) voice. This version of How to Keep Your Dog from Eating Your Cat's Food was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on July 19, 2015.
Cat food generally contains higher levels of things like protein, vitamin A, and taurine.[1] If your dog eats too much cat food, your cat could end up malnourished and your dog could become overweight or suffer kidney stress from the extra protein. The goal with “leave it” is to teach your dog to leave things alone that you don’t want him to mess with. Because your dog knows there’s a treat inside your fist, he will probably try to get to it.

As soon as your dog stops trying to get at the treat in your fist, praise him and give him the treat you were holding in your other hand.
As soon as your dog stops going for the bait treat, praise him enthusiastically and give him a “high-value” reward treat as you remove the bait treat from the floor. Once you have thoroughly practiced the technique with you removing the bait treat from the floor, you will progress to leaving it on the floor.
When your dog is responsive to the “leave it” command with the treat on the floor, it’s time to try it standing up. To effectively train your dog to not eat the cat food, you have to wait until he actually does it to discipline him. If your dog does not respond, you may need to use other tactics to create a negative association between an unpleasant (but not harmful) experience and eating cat food. Yelling at your dog is ineffective, as he is unlikely to make the connection between you yelling and his eating. Putting the dog and cat food next to each other could lead to the dog scaring away the cat and taking his food. Cats can usually reach higher areas than dogs can, so take advantage of this by placing your cat's food out of the dog's reach. This will give the cat room to squeeze through, but your dog won't be able to unless he's very small.

Some dogs may sit in wait for the feeder to open for the cat, then bully the cat out of the way. If your dog has a habit of pestering your cat, it might be good to give the cat a room to himself. Tell your dog “leave it” just as before, but this time, hold your hand about an inch or so above the bait treat so that he can see it, but not get at it. If your cat struggles to finish eating before the dog comes and takes his meal, try switching to wet food.
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