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Coprophagia is the medical term for when a dog eats either its own faeces or that of another animal. Food or Medical:  Nutritional deficiency is commonly believed to be one of the main  reasons for poo eating, so it is important to rule this out first. Sometimes the richer the food that has been eaten the more chance that the dog may find those faeces palatable. I have found that dogs on Burns dog food, rather than other brands appear to eat their own or other dogs faeces more than other dog foods.
Medical issues especially in older dogs such as pancreatic or intestinal problems could stimulate Coprophagia. Even overfeeding especially food with a high fat content can sometimes spark this behaviour. It has also been suggested that eating faeces could be an aid in food digestion, in other words a probiotic which encourages healthy flora in the gut. Genetic: the dog dates back at least to the Mesolithic period some 15000 years ago and fed off our middens and latrines therefore faeces (poo) was a staple diet. NaturVet Coprophagia Deterrent Time Release Tablets These are slow release tablets given to a dog with its food.

Some people put chilli sauce or mustard on the faeces in the hope that it will deter the dog. This can work with some dogs will depend on how obsessive the dogs need is to eat the faeces. Though I have had to treat a number of dogs that are severely Intraspecific Coprophagic. These dogs eat very old faeces or faeces from dogs that are ill from intestinal problems or with very loose stools. I would also strongly recommend keeping the dog away from cat faeces because of the risk of organisms such as Toxoplasma gondii which can cause serious and sometimes fatal consequences, including hepatitis, pneumonia, blindness, and severe neurological disorders . However, a dog fed on a good quality complete dog food should already be getting all the nutrients they require.
Therefore it may be advisable to pick up the faeces especially in the home area such as the garden, out of sight of the dog.
Or using food as a lure though in some cases the dog may combine the lure and praise as something it gets when eating faeces.

It is not merely a nasty habit, which we see as vile and disgusting; in most cases it causes no real problems. A cat has died in Germany from eating an infected bird; therefore this virus has shown it can cross the species. The intestinal phase of this nasty disease occurs only in cats (wild as well as domesticated) therefore transmission to dogs is by ingestion of oocysts (in cat faeces) or bradyzoites in some raw or undercooked meat that has not been pre-frozen. Obviously this would be for dogs that were eating their own faeces, or the faeces of another dog in the same household.

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