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Dog Eating Poop: if your dog develops an upset stomach after eating poop, consider that this is not an unusual occurrence. Often dog owners assume their dogs ate poop simply because their dog have vomited material that looks or smells like feces.
An important consideration when dealing with a dog with stomach upset from eating feces is evaluating if the poop eating behavior is actually connected with a condition known for causing upset stomach in the first place. Don’t expect your dog though to eat feces for the first time and get sick right after because of parasites.
Generally, eating the feces of herbivore animals (horses, cows, goats) will not cause parasites in dogs because these species have parasites that are species specific, meaning only capable of causing illness among themselves.
It appears though that protozoans such as giardia or coccidia are more common in the feces of dogs and cats. Last, but not least, eating feces can cause an upset stomach due to the potential of ingesting bacteria or viruses found in the ingested stool. If your dog ate poop and has an upset stomach within a few hours, it’s most likely this is happening because of dietary changes.
When we smell poop we smell something revolting, when dogs smell poop, courtesy of their wonderful sense of smell, they smell all the ingredients within the food the animal has actually eaten. DISCLAIMER: Dog's Upset Stomach does not provide veterinarian advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be a substitute for veterinary care, nor should it be used as a diagnostic tool. Actually you would be surprised by the amount of people and dogs that suffer from this problem!  Well, not people who eat poop; that would just be gross! Actually there are several reasons, so let’s understand a little more about our dogs before moving on to a solution to this disgusting habit. Often hungry puppies that didn’t get enough food to eat from their bowl (when they are weaned of course) resort to eating the feces of other puppies.
So often puppy owners come to me because their puppy’s eat their own poop or the poop of another dog in the house and these are just some of the reasons why. Or you may have added a puppy to the home.  Puppy food (even used and digested) still smells good and has lots of unused protein in it that attracts other dogs. Your dog may have been put on a diet and he is hungry so he is resorting to eating his own feces in an attempt to feel more full. So let’s touch on cat poop, or horse poop or other kinds of delicious poop that attract our dogs. Cats don’t metabolize a large portion of their food and so it passes through their system and into the cat box smelling a lot like food to your dog (I know EWWWWWW!!!) but it is true. I put my cat boxes in small TV stands or corner entertainment systems and then I put them in the corner but I don’t put the back on the furniture so the cat can come and go around the back but no one can see the cat box and the dog can’t get into it.  All I have to do is open the doors to scoop the box! And, if you have a farm and don’t like your dog sneaking off to roll in and eat poop, keep your dog on a leash until you can teach him an appropriate leave it.
First and foremost you MUST go outside with your dog or your puppy.  No excuses, if you don’t and they eat poop again (even if they haven’t the last 20 times) you are back to square one.
If your dog turns around to eat it, go back to teaching that leave it command   so that you can keep him from eating it until you get to it.
This is THE BEST solution!!!  After your puppy or dog has gone a few months without eating their poop, the habit begins to be broken and after a while you can go back to life as normal without poop eating.

If your dog is on a diet, you may add fresh or frozen green beans to your dog’s food to keep him feeling full and stop his desire to fill his belly with anything; including poop. Back in the “old days” meat tenderizer with MSG was recommended to sprinkle on food to keep dogs from eating poop.  However it is almost impossible to find MSG these days and that is actually a good thing, since MSG isn’t good for us and certainly wouldn’t be good for them. Vet hospitals sell a product by prescription (it used to be prescription only) called “Forbid” which I believe comes with a money back guarantee.  However, like everything else it must be sprinkled on your dog’s food ALL of your dog’s food or any dog who’s poop he is eating. I have also heard that canned pineapple also works to keep dogs from eating their own or another dog’s feces (remember the other dog must be treated too).
However, before you add anything to your puppy or your dog’s food, I suggest you speak with and ask your vet. I had a dog with bladder stones and he was on a very specific diet that regulated the PH or his urine, so adding pumpkin or pineapple to his food would have meant a certain change in his urinary PH and would have caused him to need another several thousand dollar bladder stone removal. There is nothing dangerous about picking up after your dog ASAP and it keeps everything cleaner and you have to worry less about stepping in a pile or surprise! A friend of mine just bought a female beautiful mountain dog pup and it was a little over 3 months old. Some dogs can get treats from people and learn to like them and be social and some dogs just are too panicked about people. If pushed some of these dogs will resort to aggression, so if I can’t trust them I teach them confidence through not being petted or pushed past that point of being uncomfortable.
I would teach it the same when they sniff leave it, until they finally stop; then you can reward with a better reward… they will catch on just as fast as a sighted dog I bet!
I am excited that two of my kids started taking dog in 4-H and after only 1 time at training the dogs are responding well to some simple commands. There are many wonderful uses for good old white vinegar, and spraying full strength white vinegar on the dog poop works wonders! What a great help, I have 2 dogs in my daycare group, that have had this problem, this helped us tremendously. I have a friend who has a male dachshund who was just neutered and has not started eating his poop when he does it in his crate. My adult female Lab sometimes eats her own poop and more often other dogs poop (but not all poop).
I think the most likely reason is that some dogs do not completely digest their food and there is some nutritional value (especially in puppy foods when this is often learned) remaining in the waste product. When you are with your dog, it is relatively easy to pick up immediately after she has performed, although there is the danger of drawing attention to the behaviour if you make too much fuss. Competing with her for her faeces is not to be encouraged, so try to be discreet. Medical conditions such as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and malabsorption are known for causing an interest in eating feces along with gastrointestinal involvement.
Several intestinal parasites can cause a dull coat, weight loss and gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and vomiting.
When the dog ingests infective larvated eggs, they will first need to hatch in the dog’s small intestine and mature before causing gastrointestinal signs.
For instance, an unvaccinated puppy or dog can contract parvo, a life threatening condition known for causing vomiting and diarrhea from ingesting contaminated feces within 3 to 7 days. It’s a known fact that when dogs ingest something new, such as a new food or new treats, they are predisposed to an upset stomach from these sudden dietary changes.

It’s best to limit access to poop so the dog is protected from continuously infesting himself with worms and protozoans and developing annoying dog upset stomach from eating feces. Upset stomach in dogs can have various causes and mimic other serious diseases (ie Parvo, hemorrhagic gastro-enteritis, etc.) and if left untreated may cause serious illness and even death. My dog was a poop eater for a while until I tried this trick, the vinegar smells so bad to them they stay away from the poop. One of these dogs also roll around in manure and poop if they find it, and at least for the rolling in the poop, the vinegar worked like a champ-thanks again. Dogs may have different reasons for starting this and things that will work in one set of circumstances may not in others. A dog owner who notices dog vomit that looks or smells like feces should keep in mind the possibility of an intestinal obstruction, better known as a blockage. A dog with a history of eating feces and developing stomach upset, should therefore be evaluated by a vet to rule out these conditions.
However, it takes some time for the feces to contain infective eggs and it takes some time for the dog to develop symptoms after ingesting feces.
Affected dogs may develop enteritis and mild diarrhea as a result, according to the Companion Animal Parasite Council. He specializes on human poop, recognizable because there’s generally a tissue nearby, which animals rarely use. It may be that the food, while perfectly satisfactory for most dogs, is not suiting her and it might be worth experimenting with one that produces a smaller, more easily held stool.
Whether your dog eats his own feces, the feces of wild animals or the feces of your cat, you may be interested in learning why eating feces can make your dog sick. If you suspect your dog may have swallowed bones, rocks or any other foreign items, read about dog blockages. Also my dog is jumping up on the back door of the patio and on me and making my arms bruised. If the dog vomit doesn’t smell like feces but looks like feces, such as appears brown like coffee grounds, consider that this can be a sign of bleeding from the upper digestive tract (stomach, small intestines) as digested blood appears brown. Dogs who eat poop should have stool testing done and may need to be dewormed on a more frequent basis.
For instance, the consumption of rabbit droppings may contain protozoans such as Cryptosporidia and Giardia which may cause no symptoms at all or may cause illness derived from damaging the dog’s digestive system, explains veterinarian Francine K. Dogs confined to a smaller area, such as an indoor kennel, are less likely to foul the space near their beds, so this might be worth a try.
Managing the environment is important to prevent access to feces that, once ingested, can cause roundworm and whipworm infestations. If you are absolutely certain your dog ate poop and is now vomiting, read on for possible causes.

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