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Few grass-eaters are likely to have ever suffered an exploratory laparoscopy to surgically look into the contents of an abdomen and biopsy the gastrointestinal tract, but severe symptoms could theoretically lead a veterinarian to decide this is the best approach.
The type of dog typicallly affected by grass seeds is the spaniel (pictured) but Jack Russells, Westies and basically all breeds possessing hairy ears and feet are at risk if walked in meadows or woodlands where these grasses commonly grow in abundance.
Time and vigilance are of the essence here as the longer grass seeds are left on your dog unnoticed and untreated, the more likely they are to burrow right through the skin, track up the paw, then the leg, sometimes even reaching the chest cavity. There are plenty of recorded cases where a single grass seed has travelled all the way from the toes only to end its journey deep inside the heart!
But more often than not, the grass seed has already burrowed its way into your dog’s foot and now requires heavy sedation or even a general anaesthetic to attempt to locate and hopefully extract this most frustrating of foreign bodies. As grass seeds are made from vegetable matter they’re invisible on X-Ray (unlike bone or metal) so their exact location within the paw is usually a mystery.
The second most common place for these seeds to cause problems is down the ear canal, as once again their unidirectional nature and shape makes pretty sure that by the time your dog is on the examination table, the grass seed has already worked its way from the fur around the ears down along the ear canal, and come to rest right up against the delicate ear drum. It’s no wonder that these dogs usually present frantically pawing and rubbing the affected ear on the ground, and find it incredibly painful to touch or even examine the ear with an auroscope to even confirm the diagnosis.
Owners of all dogs, especially more vulnerable breeds, should make sure the fur on their paws, toes and around their ears is kept trimmed very short during the summer and autumn months. Sometimes even booties can be worn when going outside. Every inch of your dog should be routinely checked after returning home from every walk and checked for grass seeds, as there are a few other places on your dog’s anatomy, including eyelids and lip folds, where they can get stuck and cause similar problems. Our poor English springer spaniel has been afflicted by the apparently harmless grass seeds.
My poor Golden doodle – Riley, has been under general anesthetic today and had grass seeds removed from both his armpits, I feel so bad for being ingnorant to these dreaded seeds !!!! Thankfully the vet managed to retrieve both seeds, one was in the foot between the toes and the other was still in the abcess. My cocker spaniel recently had a problem with his back left paw and went from constantly licking it to not being able to put it to the floor, we took him straight to the vets who found a small entry point between his toes where he said a grass seed was probably in there. Wood Green, The Animals Charity, today, calls on us all to help ensure dogs do not lose their lives as a result of our ignorant behavior. Marc the Vet's Canine Care app provides you with tips on keeping your dog healthy as well as links to discounted food & treats! From the bleach you use in your laundry, to the toilet bowl cleaner, to the solution you mop your floor with, to the carpet cleaner you use to clean and freshen, to the air fresheners you may spray to give off a nicer scent; many of these chemical based items may be very harmful to you and your dog. Also, you can research virtually every cleaner on the market at Environmental Working Group to see if your products are safe for your dog. Check back later in the week for our upcoming post of our favorite cleaning recipes for the health of your dog!
Back in 2009 we deeply investigated the multitude of flooring options available on the market, and what affect they may have on the health of your green dog. If you are contemplating building a new home or changing the flooring in your present home, please read our blog post about eco-friendly, healthier and dog-friendly flooring options.
There are few things better than watching a dog romp in their wonderful lush green lawn, playing, chasing, herding and enjoying the great outdoors. A respected report and DVD "The Truth About Cats, Dogs and Lawn Chemicals," funded by the Newman’s Own Foundation, contains a lot of information for you to learn about the dangers and effects of lawn chemicals on your pets, including the use of herbicides, insecticides and other chemicals, and the resulting effects of seizures, tremors, vomiting, respiratory failure and more for dogs. Many of the lawn chemical companies, and providers of lawn chemicals, may say their products and services are perfectly safe for dogs, even going as far as including pets in their marketing. Spring is one of the best times of the year to start new lawn practices to keep your dogs safer and healthier. Wait approximately one month and then overseed your lawn with a good quality uncoated grass seed that's appropriate for your area. Wait a few days and then spread a good organic fertilizer, like spray Fish Emulsion, or Worm Poo (these fertilizers won't hamper the growth of new grass seed).
Gracie learned to turn off the wall lights, since she's a larger dog and can reach the switch.
Since we've learned some tips and tricks to help us stay safer around wildlife we wanted to share our Top Tips to Help Dogs Live in Harmony with Wildlife. Fleas and Ticks - Tick diseases can be very dangerous for you and your dog, and fleas are a pesky problem.

Just a couple of weekends ago, on the very first really nice day, we spread food grade Diatomaceous Earth (which is safe for dogs) around the perimeter of our fence.
My dogs have all learned very good 'leave it's' that help greatly when encountering dangerous critters, especially toads and snakes. If you do have a dog that gets some of the toxin from a toad please be aware of the symptoms your dog may exhibit and what you should do. One night, at about midnight, I was doing my usual quick check of critters in the yard before letting the dogs out for last potty and saw two eyes shining in the light of my flashlight. They are sleek, very agile runners and wanted nothing to do with my dogs and their barking, as they hate loud, harsh noises; and generally don't want anything to do with humans. It's always a good idea to have your dog first aid kit on hand for any emergencies while at home or away.
Raise A Green Dog is very proud to welcome Balcony Pets to the Raise A Green Dog Partner Pack! I remember very well back in the late 80's, (before dogs even!) my two kitties, Wolfie and Wiggy, loved going out on the balcony of our apartment. The door installs in only five minutes and the flap is lightweight, which is much more accommodating to cats and smaller dogs.
If you have a secure yard for your dog or cat, we highly recommend trying the Balcony Pets Apartment Pet Door. I’ve always been of the medical opinion that dogs eat grass and plants for one simple reason: they like the taste and texture — much like many people eat celery or lettuce.
Your dog may be bored — Dogs chew things frequently when they’re bored and need “something to do.” Be sure to provide plenty of enrichment and activity and even appropriate chewing options, like chew toys. Your dog's diet may be missing something — If you feed your dog home prepared diets, it is possible that they are missing a key nutrient; although, if you supplement the diet with veterinarian approved vitamins, it becomes improbable that they are lacking anything found in grass. The vet diagnosed it as a foreign body, most likely a grass seed (after antibiotics and salt water washes failed to work) and put him under anaesthetic to retrieve it. It fits over his ears perfectly, and though it looks a little odd, he can still hear everything, and more importantly, the seeds can’t get in.
I now tell everyone I know about these dreaded grass seeds , we had no idea that he even had anything wrong until I noticed him licking his paw so much and when I checked it saw his paw was pretty swollen. We were sure he was wrong as we had never heard anything like this before and he is 5 years old and has always loved running in long grass. Because many of those chemical based drain, window, furniture, floor, carpet, laundry, dish washing products and more, are reeking havoc on our health; not only from the exposure to the air our dog's breath when we use them, but the poisonous residue that they leave that may potentially be ingested by our dogs as they lick and are exposed to surfaces. We own a Dyson, which we love and it has many attachments to get in all those crevices, as well as an attachment to get all the dog and kittie fur from the couches and easy chairs.
We found many common flooring options, including carpeting, laminate and vinyl may contain dangerous chemicals that can have dangerous health affects for your dog. They may be a little more expensive, but they will last for years and assure you a healthier environment for you and your dog.
Over the years several organizations have provided invaluable research and information that shows chemical exposures to a variety of lawn chemicals (including pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers) may be putting your dog at risk for canine malignant lymphoma, bladder cancer and more. But the reality is that there is proof that these chemical laden lawns are having a dangerous affect on dog's health. Distributing this type of product on your lawn before weed seeds begin to germinate is key to cutting back on crabgrass, dandelions and other unwanted weeds throughout the year. Uncoated seed is important as coated seed is many times treated with a non-organic fertilizer or other growth hormones that may be harmful for birds, rodents and other small bodied living things, including your dog.
We like sprays because they are not as attractive to dogs once they have been on the lawn for a few hours. It's a fun way to honor the day, learn some new tricks, and spend some quality fun time with my dogs. But while you are out enjoying the nice weather, so are the critters that live around your home, and frequent the areas where you hike and walk your dog.
We've learned a lot about living with the multitude of wildlife here over the years and how we can live more in harmony with nature's critters, keep our dogs safe and healthy, and keep our environment healthier as well.

These types of toads like to come out early in the morning and later in the evening; so many times during high toad season I will scan the yard for toads before letting the dogs out for their early morning pit stop.
Some tips we've learned about living near coyotes and wolves is, again, keep all trash and foods inside only; and keep your dogs leashed when hiking. Since we're not that familiar with the varieties of turtles I've always kept my dogs away from them. Make sure your veterinarian is aware of your dog’s diet and see if he thinks anything could be missing. Just make sure the grass is not treated with any chemicals that could be harmful if your pet eats them.
However, they said they wanted to put him out and investigate, which they did much to my reluctance, I was so upset when I had to leave him at the vets but even more upset when we went to get him and they told us they had found bits of grass but no seed after looking for 2 hours! But the second year, we had a wonderful, green, healthy, very safe lawn for our dogs to play, enjoy and even eat a little now and then.
And if I miss one, I use the leave it command and my dogs come running to me for safety, as 'leave it' means stop what you are doing and come to Mum. Good thing we did because Gracie found a Wolf Spider (which can leave an ouchy bite if provoked) last Fall, and I found a Saddleback Caterpillar (which packs a nasty sting) one day under the back deck.
Not surprisingly, dogs sometimes gag or even vomit the grass they have swallowed and then go right back to eating more grass! Even though these are perfectly safe for dogs, some dogs, like my sis Gracie, just can't help herself from sniffing the pellets prolifically which gives her a runny nose, so we use a spray organic fertilizer. So we have worked to get rid of the mice and toads in our yard through relocation, and also this weekend at the first sign of warmth we sprinkled organic sulfur (which is safe for dogs) in the areas where snakes like to hide, between rocks and under our deck. It's also important to not let your dog swim in waters that are known to inhabit alligators.
Generally speaking, we kept our distance from the fox den, kept the dogs leashed when outside their fenced area, and that was enough to keep them safe. My previous spaniel was golden and the seeds were so well camouflaged it was a regular problem.
They saw something in the back of the eye and operated and found a 2cm grass seed and removed it.
Of course I lost it and so I continued to soak his paw like they told me and one day noticed something sticking out of the top of his paw, so I picked him up and my husband pulled out the dredded grass seed! So I let my dogs out, keeping a good eye on the possum in the tree, and they never knew he was there. I allow them to look at them, and use the turtle encounters for training time for their 'leave it.' It's a fun game my dogs love. But remember when something like a sting or snake bite happens to your dog, get to your vet immediately to be sure your dog doesn't go into shock from the sting or bite. We received a phone call 2 hours later to tell us they had found a tiny GRASS SEED embedded on his ear wall. The vet visit ran us close to 500.00 and all they did was make a hole in my dogs paw and incorrectly diagnose him , very upsetting !
So now I feel it’s my duty , to let everyone that has a dog know of this because it can even be deadly !
I urge anyone who has a dog susceptible to grass seed to please check your dog regularly, I certainly will from now on for sure, I would hate anyone else to have to go through this horrible situation.
He has to go back first thing in the morning to be sedated to have the grass seeds removed. I remain very distressed to see my big strong boy so reduced by a seemingly harmless seed and have cancelled my holiday to look after him.

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