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It is common for dogs to eat goose feces and other feces, but with the threat of giardia among others, it can be harmful. Although the behavior is not generally harmful, it is oftentimes difficult to live with and gives new… meaning to dog breath.
There is an effective product on the market today that is in the form of a tasty, chewable tablet for dogs. When your dog becomes socialized, it will learn that it is "improper." Also, it is important that while training a dog -- and throughout its life -- that you as the owner pick up his poop BEFORE he gets a chance to "eat" it.

It is my experience that your pooch will grow out of this with good nutrition and also removing any feces from his path. Sometimes a dog will eat their own feces if in housebreaking your dog you rub their nose in the feces, which never should be done.
At the beginning dogs were wild (until tamed by man) and they did all sorts of things to survive. I've heard that dogs often ate feces to cover up where that particular pack of dogs had been.

My dog used to play and drink water from toilet and eat its own feces when we left her alone in the house. For example mothers of a litter eat their puppies feces to keep the den clean and to prevent parasites and bacteria from building up.

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