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Find whatever you're craving, see what's good at any restaurant and learn what foodspotters, friends and experts love wherever you go.
Opening in March 2013, Dog Eat Dog will be among the number of local restaurants specializing in hot dogs. In addition, George's Hot Dog Shop (1419 Hamilton Blvd.) has been serving hungry customers for more than 37 years on Sioux City's west side.
To date, the all-time winner of the Doggie Pile is Molly Schuyler, of Omaha, who finished the contest in an incredible 3 minutes and 32 seconds."(Molly) just blew me away," Schrock admitted.

Nestled in the historic neighborhood of Church Hill, the compact storefront space offers a small, but constantly rotating menu of drop-dead good food.
At The Dog and Pig Show, South Asian fare and Cajun Creole influences fuse for an altogether unique palate that’s distinctly southern and refreshingly worldly. When we started with this idea, we knew that the first step was producing awesome food at a good price point. Any person able to eat 10 loaded chili dogs plus a pound of chili cheese fries in 10 minutes is rewarded with his photo on the restaurant's bulletin board of champions.

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