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Perfect for outdoor activities and special nights out, blueberry pet's reflective dog collar is simply awesome for your pooch! Adjustable nylon collar features a contoured black, quick-snap closure, and heavy duty O-ring. Motivated to keep your dog safe at night, blueberry pet's reflective dog collar is simply awesome for every outdoor activity. Motivated to keep your dog safe at night, blueberry pet's new reflective dog collar collection is simply elegant. Prices and shipping change often on Amazon be sure to confirm all details at the final checkout screen to make sure it is accurate. This way, dog owners are able to re-fasten the collar before your pooches are freed from the collar.

Embedded with a single reflective strip to enhance long distance visibility, this collar is made to ease worries of losing your loved pets. The snappily titled Control of Dogs Order 1992 ruled that all pups must wear one in public places, complete with an identity tag showing the owner’s name and address. Made with reflective thread stitching to the webbing, this collar ensures that your pet is seen even during night time. It is a designer dog collar with a cool print of grey crosses on the golden-yellow webbing all over the collar.
Your adorable friends will fall in love with this all-time favorite reflective collar, which offers great comfort and durability. With 3 trendy colors handpicked from our designer, we are proud to offer you the most classic reflective dog collar in mahogany brown, light navy, and olive green.

It’s made from a flexible but tough, rubber-like material (it’s waterproof) and adjusts precisely to your dog’s neck measurements. With its intricate leather feather design and smart brass  hardware, this hand-tooled collar from the US-based outfit is a special buy.  Buy now 9. Rokabone’s leather number looks great, but it’s not a case of style over substance - one of these collars will last for years of walks.
Our absolute fave has to be the Tooled Feather Collar, which will only get better with age, just like your beloved dog.

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