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Personalized Argyle Dog Collar, Leather PaddedFor a dog that is smart and sophisticated, the personalized Argyle Leather Padded Collar is an ideal choice.
Personalized Designer Dog Collars,Leather PaddedIf your dog is a Fashionista, then the Chic Leather Padded Dog Collar is a must-have! The Ziggy, for Tough DogsDesigner Dog Collar with custom engraved buckle to personalize it with your dog's name and address, ID info.
Personalized Chevron Dog CollarsChevron is the trendy yet traditional print you need to be sporting on your pet. Personalized Leather Padded Dog CollarsCamouflage, Bones, BandanaWith six collar options to choose from, the Classic Print Leather Padded Collar is a great way to give your dog a traditional look.
Personalized Cotton Dog CollarsFun and Floral Cotton FabricsThese are produced by our artisan designer, so every item is custom made to order! Mimi Green Dog Collars, the Classic Collectionwith Personalized BuckleThese collars not only make sure that your dog is in style, but also safe. Laminated Personalized Dog Collarsby Mimi GreenMade of washable nylon webbing so you can keep your pup’s specialty dog collar in pristine condition. Oilcloth Personalized Dog Collarsby Mimi GreenMimi Green Oilcloth Dog Collars are made special for your dog, ensuring comfort and style. Martingale Personalized Dog Collarsby Mimi GreenIt has been said that this is the easiest martingale collar our customers have ever used.
Personalized Dog Collar CarterHot neon green dots pop from the chocolate brown background on this hand dyed batik fabric collar. Cooper Designer Dog Collar w Personalized BuckleThe Cooper Design Bright turquoise dots pop from the chocolate brown background on this hand dyed batik fabric.
Aspen, Hot & Flashing Colors Dog CollarDesigner dog collar with custom engraved buckle.

Daisy, White Flowers on Blue RibbonThe Daisy Designer Dog Collar will brighten any dog's day!
Blue and Green Striped Custom Dog Collarpersonalized with custom engraved buckle for your dog's name and other ID text. Green and Blue Dots Dog CollarThe Billy, sweet dots collar, personalized with a custom engraved buckle. Trendy Personalized Dog Collar EddiePersonalized with a custom engraved metal side-release buckle.
Animal Print Dog CollarsAnimal print is both fun and chic, and now your dog can make a wild fashion statement with a trendy Animal Print Leather Padded Collar! Personalized Dog Collar DakotaThe Dakota Designer Dog Collar with Personalized Buckle is a fun twist on your standard, everyday purple collar.
Custom Dog Collar, GusThe Gus Designer Dog Collar takes your typical paw print pattern to a new level. Personalized Designer Dog Collar HaleyThe Haley Designer Dog Collar is super fun and bright collar.
Waterproof Camouflage Dog CollarsThe camouflage, BioThane strap is made in the USA of poly coated nylon webbing and is waterproof and odor resistant.
The collars feature a classic argyle design while mixing in paws and bones as an added doggy element.
Each designer collar is equal parts beauty and function, which makes it a fun and practical gift for your pooch or that hard-to-shop-for dog lover. With laser engraved personalized collars, the best of both worlds collide to create a super good looking dog collar with all your dog's important info engraved right onto the buckle. Oilcloth is long lasting and stain resistant -- two things that are perfect for a dog collar!

Not only will this martingale collar keep your dog safely on its leash, but it will have your dog's info engraved right on the buckle! The Carlos Designer Dog Collar and matching lead inspired by Carlos Santana will definitely strike a "chord" with you.
The Eddie Designer Dog Collar is a great way to show your dog you love it's colorful personality.
These stylish new collars are available in 4 designs and feature genuine leather in a wide array of colors. This collar is sure to stand out in a crowd with the multi-colored polka dots uniquely positioned over a black background. I have just ordered my second of these beautiful collars for another dog we've adopted from a rescue organization.
Just got it a few weeks ago and seriously impressed with the quality and how good it looks. We have a horse barn, and the dogs are constantly out in the woods and working the horses, so they were always losing their tags.
Needed a secure collar as she and our German Shepherd pull on each others collars and were tearing through them. We have had many compliments on the collar, and our dog seems to enjoy it more than her previous collar.

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