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Replicating the African Nile crocodile, these faux croc collars are made from 100% Italian full grain leather and are available in six vibrant colors.
Measure your dog's neck where you want the collar to rest on the neck AND at the appropriate tightness. The neck size (NS) represents the measurement from the center of the buckle to the fourth adjustment hole. Backed in yellow Italian leather as well, each collar features a 22 karat gold plated buckle.
To ensure that your dog looks effortlessly stylish and most importantly that they are very comfortable please see the sizing chart below before you make your purchase.

We advise that you adjust your cats collar, leaving one or two finger widths between your cat collar and your cat’s neck.
Our bracelets have a metal buckle closure, these are adjustable to fit a variety of wrist sizes, like a watch strap. Copyright© 2015 The Dog Outdoors - A Division of Daughtry Enterprises, LLC All Rights Reserved - Austin TX.
To save yourself some hassle, please take a second to read and print out our collar sizing instructions.
A rule of thumb is to leave an allowance for two fingers to fit between the collar and your dog, for the most comfortable fit.

You should check that your cat collar is not too tight and that it does not affect your cat’s breathing or movement.
There is some overlap with the sizing of our collars, which means that for most dogs there will be two dog collar sizes that should fit.
This will ensure that your cat cannot get hurt if the collar should get caught on a piece of furniture or any other surface.

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