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We Now carry Fromm Dog Food : An all natural premium dog food that is unique in the fact that you can easily change flavors without upsetting your dog's stomach and the pups love the different flavors. Puppy Love is Texas' premier online dog boutique and store with designer clothes for the dog, collars, trendy carriers, stylish crate covers, fancy dog beds, gourmet all natural bakery treats and everything else your dog could want in an online boutique! It is something we've all heard from the time we were young, "do something you love, and you'll never work a day in your life." If this is the case then we have never worked a day in our lives since opening Puppy Love Dog Boutique in 2004.
We all know that you can type in "" clothes for dogs" on google and find millions of sites all offering the same typical fashions that you've seen on every other site.
We carry dog treats (all natural) and gourmet bakery treats that have all been tested (and loved) by our four dogs!
While most dog boutiques are striving to just keep up with other pet stores, our products such as our line of dog bows and collar bows by designer Jenny Rose Bows of Austin, Texas are different.
This dog food is some of the highest quality dog food available and at a comparable price to the big brand name dog foods with more health benefits.

We offer, dog collars, dog carriers, designer dog beds, all natural dog treats, dog toys, small dog clothing, big dog clothes, canopy dog crate covers, dog tutu dresses, and anything else you can imagine for your dogs! We carry exclusive dog clothing, dog beds, dog collars, and dog accessories specifically designed for Puppy Love Dog Boutique. We are a husband and wife combo who come to work every day to give you the best dog boutique experience you can get.
On our online boutique we strive to carry the hottest trends in dog styles including exclusive clothes that can only be found at Puppy Love. With every item we offer we take these things into consideration and hope to bring you exactly what you'd want in an online dog shop. This promises you some different options that you won't find in any other online dog boutique or in any other dog store! We have a customer who has German Shepherds and this dog treat can sometimes last her a whole month!

As two former teachers with 4 kids and 4 dogs we take pride in being the best business we can be, bringing you the best products you can get. We are a premier dog boutique straight out of Texas that takes the simple concept of the love you have for your dog, and incorporates it into every aspect of life.
We also offer corn, soy, and wheat free Fromm Dog food for those pups who are always getting infections or scratching. Its the personal touch that gives us the edge to offer you the best of the best in dog merchandise.

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