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SO … thank you for all that went into making videos like this, so that I could go back and re-learn before I started working with the dog!! Learn to Earn, a program for developing leadership in humans and impulse control in dogs This dog training program, created by Dr Sophia Yin, is geared for both new adopters looking to start off on the right foot and owners that have been struggling with behavior problems. We offer the Kansas City metro, Overland Park and surrounding areas, positive, scientific and motivational dog training techniques that focus on you the owner being able to fix the problems between you and Fido… Click here to see (video examples) of what I am all about!

I get to train owners not dogs… My specialty is helping folk’s find the issues they have with their dogs and then to teach them how to fix it! Using skills learned in this class, owners will be able to establish an effective form of communication with their dog using simple foundation behaviors. We hope you and your dog find the park to be a great outlet for fun, socialization and bonding.

We are located in Shawnee, Kansas, and offer both private instruction as well as group sessions.

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