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Lexi Dog Boutique & Social Club has locations in the Pearl District and South Portland.
Some make no excuses for spoiling their dogs, and Lexi Dog has no qualms with helping you achieve that goal. Stemming from a retail business selling dog coats, Sellwood Dog Supply has evolved over the years. Check out all your indie options for pet supplies in The Localist, Portland's locally owned business directory. As Portlanders, we are fortunate to have local options for the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the amenities we enjoy.

I'm very sorry to see Montavilla overlooked yet again with a stellar pet store by the name of Salty’s Dog & Cat Shop. Download our Portland iPhone, iPad, and Android App to get Stumptown businesses, events, specials and more in the palm of your hand. With its Gold Paw coats still available for order, Sellwood Dog Supply has expanded to include all the toys, treats and food your dog needs.
After several years in Portland, he now considers it home, but not without keeping his beloved San Francisco Giants near and dear to his heart. From boarding, grooming and playgroups, to birthday parties and adoption services, Lexi Dog makes it easy for pups to beautify and socialize.

And in doing so, Tré Bone can address the health and behavioral needs of the dogs and cats it serves, which ultimately leads to healthier pets and less visits to the vet. Although specializing in dog and cat supplies, Sellwood Dog Supply also provides training, grooming and adoption services through its partnerships with other organizations. And with a boutique selling everything from toys to rainwear and quality food, your four-legged friend will thank you for shopping at Lexi Dog.

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