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Your Dog's Behaviour.Understand your dog better and learn how we can help you communicate with your dog. Canine Services International is a professional dog training and dog behaviour consultancy based in Melbourne and delivering services throughout Australia. We are passionate about dog training and canine behaviour, and after almost a decade working as professional dog trainers we remain, now more than ever, committed to providing great results for our clients and their dogs.
As well as dog training and canine behavioural solutions we deliver a broad range of other services including industry leading dog bite prevention programs, seminars and workshops, specialised dog training, and educational programs to suit government agencies, law enforcement, sporting groups, business, industry and of course, pet dog owners.

Our extensive background in service type dog training means we can help you train to get the best out of your dog, regardless of breed, age or temperament. Our clients often comment on how easy they find it to get so much more out of their dogs and puppies with a little help from us!
Over almost 10 years we’ve earned ourselves a respected reputation within the dog training and behaviour industry for successfully working with the most difficult of problem dogs, and a large part of our work is training or treating dogs with dog aggression, biting dogs, and other aggression, fear and anxiety related issues. Sign up for our mail list and keep informed about upcoming news, events and training opportunities.

Even if your dog has serious behaviour problems, we have a service to suit everybody and every dog.

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