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Much like humans, when dogs do not have tasks to accomplish, they get bored, and if they get bored, they overthink. Playing classical music to dogs is a proven to help lower their heart-rate, and a television network is now available, called DOGTV, which was also created to help entertain and calm dogs with separation anxiety. Besides television or music for dogs, another calming method is to provide your dog with calming scents, which could be as easy as giving them one of your old shirts to lay near, or purchasing calming scents from a pet store.
Remember that when treating a dog with separation anxiety, the main goal is to teach them to enjoy or at least tolerate being left alone for periods of time. Sadly, many of these dogs suffer from a psychological condition called separation anxiety, which usually causes behavioral problems, including chewing, soiling, and barking.

As a pet owner, if you have a dog with separation anxiety, you should help their suffering by taking steps to train your dog and provide them with routine that includes both entertainment and compassion.
It is important to remember that your dog needs to feel useful, and one way to help them achieve this is by providing them with puzzles and goals throughout the day. There are several forms of auditory and visual mental stimulation available to help dogs who suffer from separation anxiety.
The most effective way to accomplish this is by giving your dog tasks, keeping them calm, creating a daily routine, and keeping calm during training.
Below are a few helpful methods to help with dog you believe might be suffering from separation anxiety.

This stimulation not only slows the heart-rate of dogs, but also keeps their attention and their minds active. Remember, a tired dog is a dog that will spend a good portion of the day napping, leaving them less time to be anxious or destructive. Most importantly, keep calm and do not punish your dog if they exhibit destructive behavior while you are gone – this will only reinforce their separation anxiety.

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