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Your pet dog is a very well behaved and an adorable pet until you try to keep him in a crate. The above mentioned methods are time tested methods but if you find your dog to be extremely panicky inside the crate and drooling, whining to an extent that he may hurt himself inside the crate, it is always advisable to take the help of a vet or a dog trainer. If your dog becomes too excited and explodes into barking, ask your guest to leave the room.
Dog Training Nation strives to provide you the best dog training and other dog-related tips in the industry. Separation issues are a common reason dogs are given up to shelters (because of the destruction that ensues), so we see this issue a lot in rescue dogs particularly. Some people do these sort of things all the time, and for most dogs it’s not going to be a big deal, but for a dog prone to over-dependence, it is. Have designated times where you ignore the dog and go about other activities, and I mean totally ignore. You will not allow the dog to jump on you when they return to an area, or when you come home. Once this issue is addressed, your dog will be calmer, more relaxed, and you will both be less stressed. We come highly recommended by families, rescues, veterinarians, and even other dog trainers! Many dog owners are familiar with this situation: You leave for work (your puppy seems fine at the time), and then after being gone for eight hours you come home to reports from your neighbors of incessant barking while you were gone. Another reason many dogs bark while at home is that they’re simply bored or restless.
Many dogs respond well to crate training, which is when dogs are confined to a room or another small space whenever they’re alone in the apartment.

This extra bit of attention and exercise would likely go a long way toward keeping him from barking while you’re out of the house. If your dog is not crate trained, he is going to give you sleepless nights when you keep him in a crate before going to bed.
It is the onus of the owner to carefully teach him that crate is only a temporary separation and that he is safe inside and that you will not leave him.
As with any dog behavior, the more it’s practiced, the stronger it becomes so let’s teach your dog that quiet behavior and guests bring goodies! Ask your guest to stand near your dog’s crate and toss a treat inside when your dog stops barking.
You will walk right through the dog and go about other activities until the dog is completely settled down, which could take 5 minutes, or an hour. You will go about another activity for 15 minutes, until the dog is completely settled down. Barking can be a response to perceived threats or exciting sights– like that squirrel on the tree just outside of your living room window. Create a DIY treat for your dog by buying a tennis ball and cutting a small 2-inch slice along the side. Kongs are specifically made to keep dogs entertained, so Fido will be occupied for a long time trying to get every last drop of frozen peanut butter out of the toy. Trainers will be able to teach you several other tools you need to know to stop dog barking permanently. You can even introduce them (and their dogs) to Fido and, if you want, see if any of them would be interested in making a few bucks by walking him while you’re gone at work.
It is a normal phenomenon of separation anxiety that dogs tend to show by barking and whining.

Closing the crate will give him the feeling of a closed enforced cell which might panic him. Give him a verbal praise whenever he comes out of the crate so that he understands that the outcome of staying inside the crate is always positive and pleasing to his master. When the doorbell rings, which usually produces a barking explosion, give her a stuffed toy, then answer the door. If dog barking in crate continues, try placing your dog’s crate in a room further away from the front door and living room, and play soft music to drown out voices. We cover a range of topics, from socializing puppies to dealing with aggressive dog behavior to selecting the best dog products. The natural instincts of the dog tell him to alert you and everyone around him of getting separated from his pack. He needs to be assured that you are not leaving him and that you would return back and free him from his crate. If your dog is scared and she can’t get away, she’ll do what it takes to scare someone away.
So you have to think of all the things a particular dog wants, and how the person behaves in every interaction.
He will slowly adjust to the routine and be assured that after a certain time you will come and open the crate. Dogs with bad habits have been poorly trained and have adapted to the behaviors they’ve been allowed to practice.

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