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Living in a pet-friendly neighborhood is great—that is, until your neighbor's dog starts barking.
If the problematic barking is coming from your dog, enact changes to reduce barking behavior. In the state of Nevada, laws about barking dogs can help you restore the peace in your neighborhood.
Find a calm and polite way to broach the issue with your neighbor—leaving a phone call or answering machine message may be easier than approaching your neighbor while their dog is barking. In Las Vegas, for example, Animal Control will send a letter to the dog's owner regarding the problematic barking.

Include your documented details of the dates, time and duration of excessive barking episodes.
Tell your neighbor when, and how often, his dog is barking—explain that the barking is negatively affecting you. If the issue is not resolved, you can make a second complaint to Animal Control and an officer will make a visit to the dog owner's home.
If mediation fails, you will need to find at least one other person in your neighborhood to corroborate your statement and complaint. If you can't be at home with the dog during the day, consider using a daycare or dog-walking service so your dog is not alone throughout the day.

If the dog is barking while the owner is out at work, for example, the owner may be unaware of the problem. In Las Vegas, a third complaint within a six-month period will result in a mediation case with Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center. Other counties and jurisdictions within Nevada have slightly different procedures regarding barking dog complaints.

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