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Whether it's your own dog or the neighbor's, having to hear the booger bark all night is no fun. How stop dog barking - , In department find collection articles resources stop dog barking, puppy barking. How quickly stop dog barking veterinary secrets blog, Dog barking common behavior problem grief pet owners. How dog stop barking – train dog bark, How dog stop barking – learn cutting edge techniques quickly humanely train dog bark.

Canines are social animals, and living outdoors alone is bound to cause barking or howling -- just because he's alone and possibly scared. A dog who spends his life chained or exposed to the elements -- especially in extreme weather -- might be barking out of pain or distress.
While no foolproof solution to nighttime barking exists, you can do things to try to make it stop. Moving him to a locked kennel provides a safe place to sleep and may encourage him to do just that rather than being up and barking all night long.

Because the pitch is annoying and distressing to dogs, they should soon learn that barking activates the tone. If you're on friendly terms with the neighbor, you could suggest he does just that with his own dog -- if his is the one barking, of course.

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