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That moment when you're about to drift off to sleep and you're rudely awakened by a panicky pooch barking at nothing isn't just annoying. The bad news is that if you just can't get your dog to shut up in the wee hours, you're probably not the only person who has a problem with it. The point is this: Dealing with a dog that won't stop barking day or night is frustrating for everyone. There's a reason we get scared of things that go bump in the night — as humans, we fear the unknown, and dogs also feel the same nighttime anxiety.
Here's an important distinction to remember as a softhearted animal lover: Attention seeking is different from loneliness in dogs, says Ganahl. Unlike their human companions, dogs aren't able to shut out noise and distraction as easily before bed. While all of these causes can trigger dog barking at night, for Joel Silverman, professional dog trainer seen on Good Dog U on Animal Planet, the solution is simple.
Fortunately, all hope isn't lost if your dog's barking has been going on for longer than it should. A dog that barks all night without good reason could have one or more behavioral problems that need to be addressed. If your dog continues to keep you up at night, even after you have tried every humane method to calm it down, you're far from alone.

In a 2,000-person survey conducted on dog barking in New Zealand, 75 percent of the participants indicated that they would be bothered by a dog barking at night.
Figuring out the behavioral problem that is causing your dog's barking could save your sanity and keep the peace.
And as Heidi Ganahl, founder and CEO of Camp Bow Wow, explains, "If a dog is bored, they are likely to vocalize more often.
Rachel Barrack of Animal Acupuncture explains that there is not always a universal cause for night barking, loneliness remains one of the top triggers she sees in dogs that can't seem to settle down. She explains, "Many dogs bark for attention, whether they want petting, the food you are eating or something else. Barrack says that if your dog spends all day at home alone while you're at work and has just a few hours of freedom before bed, it only makes sense that it's restless at night. So you letting your dog play out actions like barking is actually reinforcing it to your dog.
Silverman advises interrupting nighttime barking in a way that does not scare, startle or hurt your dog, while still getting the message across.
As the owner of two Chihuahuas, the notoriously "yappy" dogs, I have been woken up many a night from a deep and restful sleep for no good reason at all. If dogs are left alone for long periods of time, they can become very bored, especially if there is nothing for them to do.

It is important that you completely ignore your dog if you feel they are barking for attention, otherwise the barking will continue.
In fact, Chihuahuas were named by Vet Street as one of the top 10 dogs known for their incessant barking — along with breeds like beagles, huskies, schnauzers, terriers and basset hounds. A New York Times article on the same topic confirmed that a nonstop barking dog is one local disturbance that can pit neighbors against each other. Allowing your dog to sleep in your room should help to eliminate barking due to separation anxiety. One option is sending your dog to doggie day care where they can have a tiring day, running around and playing all day with other dogs. Once your dog responds to the correction, you can move a few feet closer the next training session.

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