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On February 9th, the Dallas City Council’s Quality of Life Committee met to discuss loose dogs and barking dogs in Dallas.
Dogs vocalize by barking, but what happens when they bark, and bark, and bark … for long periods of time. Which begs the question: maybe the Dallas City Council’s Quality of Life Committee should be discussing more than just shaving 5 minutes off the consecutive barking time.
Which is why Jody Jones also recommended two other changes to the existing ordinance: If someone receives three complaints in a single month, they’d get a visit from code compliance.

Augusta County Board of Supervisors voted against a noise ordinance in Augusta County neighborhoods.
But he said people who live in the county need to understand there are not many noise ordinances like in the city. The city would also drop the two-witness requirement needed to take civil action against a dog owner. You see, to file a formal complaint with the Municipal Court, presently the dog has to be recorded barking consecutively for fifteen (15) minutes or longer.

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