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Crossbones Dog Agility offers an all-inclusive dog agility training program at Once In A Lifetime Farm in Smithfield, RI. Maplewood dog training- certified canine behavior, Committed encouraging safe, healthy, humane relationships dogs people life. The animal print magazine- source dog, cat, The animal print magazine modern pet culture magazine rhode island massachusetts.
Dog owners training club lynchburg, Dog owners training club lynchburg -profit organization serving central virginia area 1970. Quinebaug Kennel's 50 acre Canine Campus provides a fantastic venue for the daily care, exercise and rigorous training programs for dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and temperament levels. It is important to be honest, clear and fair with your intentions, expectations and commitment to your dog.
Breeds of pups that were CAREFULLY chosen by the owners to make sure that the temperament, exercise needs, and training practices matched the owner's capabilites, expectations and commitment. Pups that may have come from good breeders, but due to lack of time, commitment, or structure have quickly gotten out of control, have not been socialized or had any manners training as a youngster.

The above explained situations mean that the dogs will most likely take more time, effort and repetition to train. We are advocates of all dogs, breeds, ages, and backgrounds to include rescue dogs, shelter dogs, abused and neglected dogs. Dogs that are older than 3 years of age that have had no previous foundation training to include manners, crate or patience work and have become set in their ways with bad habits and behaviors. Dogs that have learned to ignore, lock up or FREEZE to any stressors and emotionally 'check out'. These dogs can be harmful to themselves, other animals, strangers or even your own family members. Regardless of the extent of the issues, we always start our training with teaching the basic on leash commands.
The Patience Chain showing dogs in training, patiently each waiting their turn to be worked.
Our instructor, Katherine Ostiguy KPA CTP, teaches students of all experience levels and dogs of all breeds, mixes, shapes, and sizes.

While our goal is to train EVERY dog to be obedient, respectful, willing, and polite we must always take into consideration each inidividual dog. In some instances, these dogs need extensive behavioral rehabilitation IN ADDITION to the foundation obedience training. We diligently teach all of the basic training from the above programs, but more often than not, your dog has be conditoned to improper behaviors so it simply takes longer, requires more repetition and persistence them to become re-programmed to GOOD behavior.
Whether you're a seasoned competitor or brand new to the sport, we are the training school for you!
While we often make progress with these dogs, it is important to understand and accept that these dogs will take a tremendous effort and commitment with both the trainers as well as the owners. Not all dogs can be suitable as family pets if they have come from such unstable backgrounds.

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