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If you are a businessman and you dream of loving a dog, your employees are loyal towards your organization and you must appreciate their hard efforts for your business.
If you feed a beautiful dog in your dream, you are going to reveal some of your hidden talents, soon. A dog represents extreme things like loyalty, betrayal, honesty, lies, friends, foes and courage as well as fear. We did our homework when it came to dog names and feel that most of the websites we researched were lacking traditional dog names. Worboys and his team found the information concerning “Major” while preparing a new museum exhibit on dogs. The first domestication of dogs was thought to have taken place 31,680 years ago -- but new research suggests the skull in question likely belong to a wolf. The paleolithic dog remains resembled a modern Siberian husky, but suggest an animals that was significantly larger. Another team of researchers, led by Heidi Parker of the National Human Genome Research Institute, used DNA analysis to determine the genetic relationships of numerous dog breeds.
It’s one of the oldest dog breeds in existence, and was originally used for hunting hares and gazelles.
In China, the chow chow is affectionately referred to as Songshi Quan, meaning “puffy-lion dog.” It is genetically close to the Akita, also from Asia.
Of the four most ancient known Asian dog breeds, the shar-pei was the first to diverge from a wolf ancestor, suggesting it is the oldest known Asian breed.

The study, published in the journal Nature Communications, also reinforces prior findings that the earliest ancestors of dogs were native to North America.
The scientists examined the elbows and teeth of 32 species of dogs spanning the period from around 40 million years ago to 2 million years ago. There are millions of people, who adopt dogs and feel extremely happy when they play with them.
If you dream of a playful and cheerful dog, happiness is going to enter into your life soon, as you will be solving most of your problems all on your own.
If you dream of cuddling or joyfully patting a dog, you are an extremely loyal person and your partner is also loyal towards you.
You may lose a good and a loyal friend, if you are unable to find the missing dog in your dream. Your dog is a family member and as a family member it is very important that you choose the perfect name for your new puppy. We've calculated thousands of submissions and posted the answers in our Official Top Ten Dog Names for 2007. A description of the dog was found in a now-obscure 1865 edition of a Victorian journal called The Field. While “Major” the pointer is the first documented modern breed of dog, the basenji is arguably the first dog to be heavily bred by humans.
Therefore, when you dream of a dog, it can either be your pet in the dream or a random dog you’ve never seen before.

Keep an eye on your partner because dreaming of being bitten by a dog is a clear indication of betrayal by your lover. At Dog Name Guide we give you the opportunity to choose from many traditional dog names and with the addition of Baby Name Guide you will have thousands of people names to choose from as well. This large, muscular dog was used -- and still is -- for pulling sleds, hauling freight by other means, and for additional work tasks. Although this dog hails from central Africa, paleontologists believe its wolf ancestors originally came from eastern Asia. Mutations of the same gene that causes wrinkles in these dogs can also cause wrinkling of human skin. If there is a name we're missing or you have a great dog name please let us know by submitting it here. Please look around and see for yourself how fun and exciting it can be to choose a dog name for your new puppy.

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