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Coprophagia may also be an extreme manifestation of a mental disorder called pica, a condition in which animals are compelled to eat non-food items like fabric, plastic, electrical cords, and rubber bands. If eating feces is a result of an underlying medical condition, coprophagia often ceases once treatment begins.
The simplest way to prevent a cat from eating feces is to clean and dispose of waste promptly, eliminating the animal’s access to feces.
It is very common for a cat to go through the motions of burying the remains of his or her food after eating.
My cat sometimes makes a quick back-and-forth motion with his paw before he starts eating as though he is unburying food too.
When it comes to larger cats that can kill much bigger prey the need to hide part of the carcass is relevant far more often.
To find out, you could try giving them slightly less to eat to see if they stop doing this when there are no leftovers. I have one cat, who after I brought in 2 more cats, started covering her food dish with a small blanket. Hi, my cat does scratch the floor after she has smelt the food as if to say it doesn’t smell very nice then she decides to eat it. Out of our 5 cats, one out of the two females does it sometimes, and 2 out of the 3 males have done it. One of my current two cats scratches as if to bury her food after she has eaten, and I think it is a burying food for later action. My cat Spice is nearly 4 and has always done this, she will eat then scratch the floor, wall, curtain, bookcase whatever is there, and does this for ages sometimes, she will also scratch the floor, wall or curtain after using the litter tray for ages too, food is on the other side of the room and nowhere near her litter tray!
Charlie (Half Persian) has done this since he was small, we think it’s to hide his food after he eats what he wants.
My Spooky is the only one of my 4 cats who does this and he does it to the point of not only trying to cover up his own, but the food of my other 3 cats as well, sometimes while they are still trying to eat! Although I have always taken it as dissatisfaction with the food by other cats I have had through the years that did it (but not to the extreme of Spooky), the burying for later theory makes more sense.
Whereas dogs are happy getting their food from the pack leader (you), cats have an undeniable individual streak.

While a hungry cat (see above) is more likely to try new foods, completely starving your cat in order to force it to eat raw is dangerous. As you’re reducing the amount of commercial food and increasing the raw food, sometimes it helps to trick the cat into eating the new stuff. My dogs have been eating raw since 1995, and I love the effect it has on their health and longevity. I put dry into the canned cause she was crazy about the kibble and in order to eat the kibble she had to eat some of the canned too. I have 5 kitties and all have different likes and tastes even with the supplements I add for them so I adjust each ones meal to their likes and this keeps them happily eating their raw. With the kibble and canned they have to be able to smell the kibble in the canned so smushing it into the top of the food enough to where they can’t just pick it out and have to eat some canned to get the dry but not totally mixed in is a big help. Tuna is lacking an essential amino acid, perhaps the taurine mentioned in the article, anyways it is lacking something essential for cats health.
Some of these conditions can lead to extreme increase in appetite, and to satisfy their hunger, cats will eat what is available, including feces. Pica is a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder, which means that the cat cannot control its compulsion to eat strange things.
If the coprophagia is a result of a behavioral problem, however, owners must take proactive steps to prevent the cat from eating feces.
Exercise helps reduce stress and anxiety, and when a cat has enough stimulation to keep him busy throughout the day, he will be less attracted to eating non-food items. Leopards are regularly known to hide food up trees to stop it being eaten by other animals.
Cola also will not eat any crumbs off the floor which he may spill out of his mouth while he is chewing!
He sometimes scrapes all the bowls and plastic mats out into the middle of the room, but always after he has eaten his fill, so I tend to think maybe it is because he is trying to save it for a later date.
They can handle vegetables, and even eat the stuff to throw up sometimes, but they’re certainly not required for optimum feline health. Cats are notoriously finicky eaters, and they have no qualms looking at you like a crazy person if you offer them something unpalatable.

You can drizzle tuna juice, rub crushed kibble, or even smear some wet cat food on the raw meat if your cat isn’t taking to the Primal eating plan. This is most obvious when a cat eats a little food, decides they dislike it and starts scratching away.
That wouldn’t be feasible for a person trying to eat right, and it’s the same situation for a domestic cat.
Because cats are hunters (whereas wolves are often scavengers), they’re more attracted to fresh, warm meat. Mostly however, small cats eat all their prey in one sitting, since a mouse or bird can normally be consumed as a single meal. One of them (the smaller guy) picks up individual pieces of food and eats them with his paw. They even have the same gait of the big predatory cats, skulking around like they own the place. Especially when starting out with the Primal eating plan, be sure the meat is at room temperature, or even a little warm. I have 2 cats which I feed a raw diet, and besides giving them plenty of attention and playtime inside, I also let them safely enjoy the outdoors in a 4×8 enclosure on the patio. Calcium is another important part of the Primal cat’s diet – if your cat refuses to eat the bones or the organs, you can supplement their diet with bone meal or a taurine powder.
You mention that cats are 80% muscle meat, 10% organ meat, and 10% edible bone, but don’t leave out the fur. When I relent and give her her favourite tuna flavoured jelly she immediately eats ravenously until every scrap has disappeared.

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