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The best way to prevent dog separation anxiety from developing in a puppy is to invest in a crate and start training your pup to love her crate. Most destructive behavior caused by puppy separation anxiety occurs in the first 30 minutes. Once you can get your pup past being left alone for 30 minutes, it will get easier to build up the time from there.

Finally, the key to being successful with dog training for separation anxiety is to go slowly and to desensitize your dog to being alone. By following the steps, you will teach your pup that she has a safe place to go when you leave AND it will prevent her from engaging in destructive behavior that can develop into a habit.BUT, if, you already have an adult dog with separation anxiety, then don't despair, I definitely have some help for you and I don't recommend crating her when you leave, unless she already loves being in her crate.

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