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During an introduction, a timid and lower-ranking dog will lower his head, avoid direct eye contact and gently extend his tongue to lick the muzzle of a more dominant, confident and higher-ranking dog. Help your dog make friends with his peers: Carefully select confident-but-friendly and patient-tempered dogs to play with your shy dog, to help him hone his social skills. As gross as it may sound, it's possible that your dog is licking another dog's ears because he likes the taste of ear wax!
When two dogs lick each other's ears, it may be a show of affection and an expression of the friendship bond that exists between them. Licking ears sometimes is a dog's way of demonstrating he is submissive to the person or dog receiving the ear-licking. Vivian Gomez contributes to Retailing Today, the Daily Puppy, Paw Nation and other websites.
The Arizona Humane Society notes that when a dog prods another dog's mouth and muzzle region with his tongue, he may simply be giving out an enthusiastic and happy "hello." Breathe easy if you spot your beloved Yorkie licking your Chihuahua's mouth, for example. In certain cases, the licking of another dog's mouth may point to peacemaking and pacifism, according to the ASPCA.

The licking of another dog's mouth may be a sign of subordination, according to the Rancho Coastal Humane Society. A dog might lick a companion canine's mouth as a pure sign of affection, nothing more, nothing less. The first dog licks the muzzle of the second dog to simply reconfirm that he comes in peace. Two dogs who live side by side and consider each other part of one pack will feel comfortable grooming each other. Similarly, when a dog licks his human's ears, he may be showing that human affection and respect, and communicating the bond he feels with his human. The dog who is getting his ears licked is the dominant dog, and the pack mate doing the licking is showing him respect. If conflict is bubbling between a fluffy duo for whatever reason, one dog may approach the other and lick his mouth as a way of extending an olive branch of sorts. When a dog feels defeated and vulnerable, he may lick another dog's mouth to show the other he admits inferiority.

One of the methods in which dogs communicate with each other, and with us, is by engaging in ear-licking. The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA indicates that, in some instances, licking another dog's mouth may be an invitation to play together -- aww. Ear-licking generally is benign and often a gesture of affection, even if it seems a but unsavory for us.
While ear-licking might stave off ear mites, getting licked too much by an over enthusiastic grooming partner might cause irritation.
Dogs experience the world with their mouths, just as babies do when they are learning about the world around them. They also look out for each other: A dog who excessively licks the muzzle of his canine pal may be doing this because the dog has a tumor, cut or other medical need that requires attention and treatment.

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