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FOX FEED DISCOUNT PET STORE: Discount Pet Dog Cat Supplies, Santa Clarita Canyon Country California.
FOX FEED: Canyon Country, Santa Clarita, San Fernando Discount pet food, feed, tack store, tack shop. Allies Pet Corner stocks brand name pet supplies for just about every type of domestic pet out there.

You and your pet can experience real results with pure nutrition from Nature's Variety. We have a huge selection of dog and cat products and well as fish, hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, reptile, turtle and bird supplies. Marshall Pet Products, established in 1993, continues to provide pet solutions not only for ferrets, but also for other pets such as cats, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, hamsters, rats, gerbils, and guinea pigs.

Each diet is rich in meat, poultry or fish proteins to give your pets everything they need for a long and happy life with you.

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