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The sum of all the populations of same kind of organisms all over the world is called species. But there are numerous examples where the members of the same species have considerable differences in structure, function and behaviour. Polymorphism is the phenomenon of occurrence of more than two forms of an individual within the same kind of organism.

Certain species of animals and also plants have individuals of different varieties, which show distinct features. Variations within a Species (Different breeds of dogs)All the varieties or races of the same kind of organisms interbreed freely among themselves.
Differences between Tadpole larva and Adult frog   Tadpole larva Adult frog Locomotion Swimming type Leaping type Respiration Respire through cells Coetaneous and pulmonary Nature of food Herbivorous Carnivorous Similarly, caterpillar larva of moth and adult butterfly, wriggler larva of mosquitoe and adult mosquitoe, grub of beetles and a completely grown beetle do not resemble one another respectively.

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