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Toggle navigation Dog Medicine Pepto-Bismol For Dogs Pepto-Bismol(®) is a popular over-the-counter medicine with active ingredient bismuth subsalicylate. While these medicines can be administered to dogs with upset stomachs, it is best to do your research -- and call your vet's office. Let’s look at three of the most popular over-the-counter upset-stomach treatments for humans and assess the risks and potential benefits that they offer to dogs.
The list of restrictions on Imodium for dogs reads like one of those commercials you see on television, where the warnings take fully a third of the air time to disclose. In its current formula (since around 2003), your standard dose of Kaopectate is practically the same thing as Pepto-Bismol. However, as with Imodium, Kaopectate and Pepto-Bismol also come in a variety of formulas, each with its own strength, and each geared toward resolving a specific digestive issue. I’m certain there are many readers who have successfully mitigated upset stomach symptoms in dogs with the help of human over-the-counter medications like Imodium, Kaopectate, and Pepto-Bismol. If your dog is ill at ease for more than a couple of days due to vomiting or diarrhea, dehydration becomes a concern, and you should consult a veterinary professional. When your dog has an upset stomach, car sickness or diarrhea, it is obviously a very frustrating experience for both of you.
There are plenty of other choices that are more effective without potential harmful effects since they are tailor made for dogs. The dosage and frequency with which your dog can be dosed will depend on its age, size, weight, and overall health. It is a good rule of thumb that, in general, prior to stopping and starting any medication, even something as normally innocuous as Pepto-Bismol, you should always consult with the veterinarian.
It is easy to forget that most of the time; dogs are smaller and weigh less than their owners. You may have noticed that there are two different forms of Pepto-Bismol at your local pharmacy.
Because Pepto-Bismol is used to treat loose stools, vomiting, and nausea, treating the problem may cause a brief rebound experience.

Although, Pepto Bismol is safe for use in dogs, it can be potentially toxic to cats as it contains salicylates.
In conclusion, dogs can get viruses or upset stomachs due to something they ate or drank, just like humans do.
First created at the turn of the 20th century as a remedy for babies with diarrhea, the medicine has a very distinct pink coloring in both liquid and tablet form.
Right off the bat, though, I’ll remind you that most cases of upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhea in dogs resolve themselves within a few days of symptom onset.
The most important of these include cautions against use in senior dogs, and against treatment of diarrhea caused by toxins or bacterial infections. It is important to note that if youare using an off or store brand of Pepto Bismol, you should verify that the generic form is the exact same medication as Pepto Bismol and that the strength of the medication is identical as well. That means that their health can quickly deteriorate as the result of only a day’s worth of water loss from vomiting and diarrhea. It is a good idea to remember that allergic reactions and sensitivities can develop at any time, even if your pet has previously been given Pepto-Bismol with no problem. In veterinary medicine it is sometimes used to treat dogs with diarrhea or Helicobacter infections, but should be kept well away from cats as they tend to be particularly sensitive to the salicylate component of the drug. These properties imply that in cases of diarrhea in dogs, Imodium for dogs should act to prevent frequent, watery defecation and limit the repetitive, fruitless, and unproductive straining that accompanies loose stool.
Though no one is completely sure how bismuth subsalicylate works, we do know that it continues to be used to treat upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. Even a basic, standard formula can interact poorly if your dog is on other, prescription medications, and frequently leads to blackened stools or constipation in dogs.
The size and weight of your dog should always be taken into account for dosage limits and how long and frequently it should be given to a dog. My own dog’s vet recently echoed conventional wisdom for dealing with digestive issues in dogs. Remember that most cases of diarrhea and vomiting in dogs have dietary or stress-related causes, and most resolve on their own with no treatment.

Therefore, it is useful to note that most of the time, healthy dogs are able to take over-the-counter medications to relieve your dog of diarrhea or an upset stomach. For the Pepto Bismol tablets, this is equivalent to ? tablet per 20 pounds of weight which should be administered every 6-8 hours. It is therefore recommended that your dog not be given Pepto-Bismol for more than 2-3 days. If using the pill, you should experiment with being able to break it into identical smaller pieces if the dosage for your dog requires less than a full pill. You should be warned that some dogs, especially if they frequently take medication, will eventually learn how to spit out pills, so watch carefully. If your dog is wise to pills and will no longer take them, liquid Pepto-Bismol is a good option and it also provides you with more control over the administration. Figuring out the cause of dog diarrhea can be easier if you pay regular attention to the quality of your dog’s stool.
Medicines like Kaopectate and Pepto-Bismol coat and reduce inflammation along irritated digestive tracts, as well as functioning as acid reducers.
You should also take severity and duration into account before giving human medications of any kind to dogs. Diet and stress are the two most common causes of dog diarrhea, and, even untreated, these conditions usually resolve themselves within a couple of days. If diarrhea is severe it’s important to maintain electrolyte balance and provide plenty of water to replenish what is being lost.

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