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I emailed Jan frequently with “mommy questions” and she patiently walked me through whatever learning mode we were going through.  She brought two of her own dogs to our home so Mr.
I called Jan at A Better Dog Training when I adopted a 9 month old pit bull mix stray off the street.
I got one of my best compliments on the dogs when 3 friends, myself, and the two dogs stayed for a weekend in a very small condo in Port Aransas. We have participated in group classes with our dog and he has been trained in many basic behaviors.
Jan and Melissa are wonderful they really helped provide some critical missing links for us in our “pack”.
The trainers were very patient with me and Butter, answering all of my questions, and explained everything to me.
I have had dogs all my life and with my other dogs and with our new “pack”, my husband and I have tried everything such as using gadgets like the clicker, buying books, training classes, etc. This was the best investment of time and money we ever made since the life-long skills we learned we will be able to apply as we add to our “pack.” We just wished we came across A Better Dog Training sooner instead of wasting our money, but we learned from Jan why these techniques did not work during the course of the program. For example, using the boundary training, after our fourth lesson we started this, we now use our hose as a fence (that is a big money saver right there, lol)! My dog Gracie is a 6 year old Sheppard mix that I got 8 months ago from a rescue organization. We are so pleased to announce that our Dog Trainer Derek Beckelman is available to answer questions and discuss training options. Derek is so excited to offer a variety of training packages and is currently accepting new clients. Clicker Training - Alternative approach to leash training, takes longer for the dog to learn, but the dog can learn multiple actions and commands. E-Collar Training - Training with an Electric Collar for off leash handling, training a hunting dog, or for a very sensitive dog. A session dedicated to a detailed discussion about what your dog learned, how to maintain training, trouble shooting, rules and boundaries, as well as progressing.
Training without the owner in the daycare is an individual session for your dog, with our trainer, to help and assist your dog in understanding what is being asked or teaching it something new. Our dog walkers and our trainer are fully capable of walking and training for the days when your dog is not in daycare. One on one training with your dog and our trainer, getting hands on experience while learning all about how your dog thinks and how to provide structure. A chance for your puppy to socialize with others their size and interact with each other while being monitored by our trainer. Located on Gandy Street, The Exeter Yoga Centre is the only studio in Exeter dedicated solely to the development and practice of Yoga. There are beginner courses, workshops, yoga for pregnancy, post natal mums, yoga theory Kirtan,(Yogic Chanting), foundation courses and even teacher training opportunities.
Fran Allen owns and has run Derekthedog Yoga Studio since 2002 and teaches a wide range of classes including Astanga Vinyasa Yoga, and pregnancy and Post-Natal Yoga. In 1990 she moved to Asia where she was to spend the next thirteen years living, working and travelling extensively. Fran was fortunate and blessed to receive direct one-to-one instruction in the Yogic tradition of direct oral transmission from Guru to disciple. Fran’s unique classes are informed and influenced by her wealth of direct knowledge and experience, by the teachings of Patanjali, Krishnamacharya and Ashtanga Vinyasa. After being exposed to such a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, it became my passion to pass on and share with others these incredible teachings.
He had been neglected and had scars on his neck from the rope he was attached to and obviously forgotten. At the end of the weekend one friend stated, “I like your dogs for their lack of issues.” Jan’s help and training is an ongoing benefit to my dogs and me. We still felt we were missing something though as far as basic manners in the house and “pack structure”.

If you are even considering a dog trainer, you owe it to yourself and your dog to use Jan period.
We receive many compliments all the time on how great our dogs are and how they wish they their dogs could behave as well as ours. They told me she was a sweet dog but she was “dog aggressive.” Gracie was definitely a very sweet dog but as the weeks went by and as she became more comfortable in our home, she was becoming increasingly more aggressive with other dogs and even with guests. It’s been work for both me and Gracie but its well worth the effort….Gracie is now a great dog and a nice addition to the family.
She started the program at 4 months old and the treadmill is great exercise for both her mind and body plus she loves it! Lola is a Shar Pei that enjoys her water sports. After gaining some experience working with dogs, I found I have a passion for dogs and pursued it. With our trainer being present it is also an opportunity to learn dog play styles and what is appropriate play.
Derek the Dog Yoga Centre offers the widest variety of Yoga Classes with the most highly regarded, experienced teachers in the area. I endeavour to pass on the essence of the practices free from dogma or cultural restrictions, so that it is relevant to everybody. We started working with her over 4 years ago, with our Vizsla, Copper, and since then have visited a couple of times for refreshers. Not only did she live up to the great reviews of others, she helped us each as we began with our first dogs from the time they were 8 weeks old.
However, he is a BIG dog and I wanted to know that I could handle him and take him with me to parks without problems. It was a great socializing experience for and with our dog.  We enjoyed hands on experience and answers to our endless questions.
Jan came in and after four training sessions spread out over a few weeks we had a totally different dog.
We had a long distance move where we had the dogs stay at a board and train facility for six weeks. After the first session, we implemented the techniques and tools that the trainers provided and by the second session, Nissa had stopped biting entirely and walks were fun. On our first lesson Jan gave me insights into the behavior of Gracie and how I needed to take control of the situation and work with Gracie on my terms. She took lessons with A Better Dog Training and you can read about her on our Testimonials page. I now have the experience training dogs from attending Starmark Academy, previously named Triple Crown Academy. So, the dog has a great chance to get some mental exercise while also getting plenty of physical exercise.
It's important to socialize your puppy so that they grow up friendly and have a positive experience when around other dogs. In 1992, whilst living and working as an English Teacher in Japan, Fran met her first Yoga teacher and began the journey of her chosen life path. If you need to modify rating statements, please go to theme option and you can add or change.Thank you. Now that we have a second dog, Nana, (a Boxer) it’s a game changer, and she is helping us again.
Within the first 6 weeks the puppies knew their names, sit, down and come as well as other commands and were potty trained. The fact that A Better Dog Training’s focus is on your pack and your home was very appealing to us. We were able to take the Canine Good Citizen test!  We also had some time for some shopping! During the first lesson, I was taught everything I needed to be his leader, not his mommy, and how to stop all of his bad behaviors.
We got an American Mastiff named Tundee and started doing all of the wrong things with her.

What is so great is that my husband and I are very busy, the trainers come to your house and can see how the dogs are (mis)behaving in their own environment and adapted the program to meet our specific needs. We had good dogs with some issues, but now with your help, we resolved those problems and have a very happy pack, we have “better” dogs! Additionally our walks were becoming more like mini battles with her almost dragging me down the street.
The last two nights when we’ve walked him have been the best and most rewarding walks we’ve been on in the 2 years we’ve had him. I earned my certification as a professional dog trainer and behavior specialist by undergoing twelve weeks of rigorous dog training and education.
The clarity that comes from working with Jan relieves so much stress for both the humans and the animals in the relationship!
During the next couple of months, Nissa started being aggressive with Sasha, biting then eventually biting my husband and myself. My education included several different approaches to training, as well as experience working with different breeds of dogs.
Now at 6 months he is more obedient than the much older dogs in my family and I know as he gets older and I face new issues, Jan is just a text or email away to help me solve the problem. It was cute at first but by the time Tundee was four months old and over 50 pounds, she was uncontrollable. She sits, lies down and stays on command; and most importantly there is significant progress during our walks. Almost a year after the training sessions with you and Melissa, June is still obeying us and we are always receiving praise from friends that come over to the apartment and from strangers while walking at parks. With all of this knowledge I am now able to cater to each dog with the best possible chance of success with training. Absolutely a great program for any dog and owner, because you will learn as much as your dog, if not more! The follow up and answers to questions after the training is complete has been invaluable as situations come up has been so helpful. We had Nissa checked out at the vet and she was medically okay, but the vet recommended putting her down.
Some of my friends that have been training their dogs for several years and months using other training methods (like food and clickers) are baffled at how June never hesitates to listen to us and behaves better than any other dog they’ve met or owned!
So we explored other options of solving these problems we were experiencing with both our dogs. From their breed type to who they are behaviorally; by accommodating to their breed type and behaviors I can teach them in ways that they will understand and fulfill their own desires. We could have sent them back to the place where they received the basic obedience, but as the trainer there said, they know the rules here and they may not experience any of the problems with them as we were but sent us an information sheet.
Friends even ask for advice with their dogs, we don’t know what to tell them other than “too bad Jan and Melissa are not here in Nashville.” Thanks for training us to be leaders for June, it’s awesome to see how happy June is everyday!!!!!! I am here to educate the masses on why it's important to have structure in the home and how to live a happy life with you and your canine companion. They enjoy getting out of the yard and seeing the world and thanks to Jan’s guidance in training me the dogs get to enjoy vacations, days at the park, and just a walk around the neighborhood. What appeals to me the most about this profession is getting the chance to not only do good but feel good doing it.
We looked at some training classes, this was not an option since 1) treat training would not solve our problems, 2) our dogs already had the basic obedience per the curriculum, and 3) there were aggressive dogs there that we feared if an incident occurred would make Nissa worse.
Feel free to contact me for further information via email or phone and we will get you and your dog on the right path to a happy home.

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