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Most psychologists tell their subjects to “Get a Dog”, which is actually synonymous to ”Get a life”. It is very important for dog owners to clearly understand what exactly separation anxiety is. It is often difficult to understand how many well trained dogs also go through separation anxiety. On the other hand, when the dog is really suffering from separation anxiety, it will show signs of being stressed out.
Before you try anything, it is recommended you consult a doctor so that you can be assured that your dog is not ill in any way. By cooing and pampering a grown up dog before leaving and returning home is one such mistake made by dog owners. Remember: You know your dog more than anyone else so you are the one who can take him out of the trouble.
In minor cases of dog separation anxiety, pet parents can make a few small changes to relieve symptoms. This article is intended for general information purposes only and is subject to change without notice.
Underwritten by MSIG Singapore and arranged by Aon Singapore, Happy Tails pet insurance protects your hard earned savings from the costs of unexpected medical treatment required to keep your dog or cat healthy. Happy Tails is the first standalone online pet insurance in Singapore with annual coverage of up to $12,500. If your dog stresses out every time you leave him at home alone, you may find this insightful article on separation anxiety in dogs, originally published on The Pet Blog, helpful. Separation anxiety can occur when a dog’s safety net is suddenly removed, and can stem from a number of different causes.
Provide calming medication – speak to your vet who can prescribe a drug to reduce stress for the times when you have to leave your dog alone. When you have to leave your dog alone for lengthy periods, provide lots of stimulating toys or dog chews. Some behavioral modifications may be necessary, particularly if your dog is extremely destructive, or barks incessantly, which could cause problems with your neighbors. If separation anxiety is severe, you may need to seek professional help from a dog behavior specialist, who can help you and your dog work through these issues. Out of all animals that one can keep as pets, a dog is the one which develops the deepest and strongest bonds with its master, or its family.
Despite being so common, there are very few dog owners who can actually deal with this problem.

By dealing with the dog with a firm hand, and giving some sort of light punishment to let your dog know that he has misbehaved, can often cure this problem. Excessive urinating, barking, whining, huffing or salivating also point to many other dog problems, so make sure your dog is checked by the vet. Some dogs experience separation anxiety after they go through any traumatic or life changing events as this changes their outlook about many things. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs is important for pet parents. When you return, your dog may be overly excited, even if you were only gone for five minutes.
Domesticated dogs consider their human family to be their pack, and generally don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. This can be achieved by leaving your dog alone for short periods of time, perhaps initially while you are still at home – feed it in a separate room, leave it alone in the yard for short intervals, and gradually increasing the time frame of the periods that your pooch spends alone before you disappear for the entire day.
Kongs stuffed with peanut butter and treats will provide a distraction and alleviate boredom.
Destructive dogs may need to be temporarily crated to prevent them from damaging the house or injuring themselves.
An owner that comes home and finds his house wrecked on a regular basis, may eventually become despondent and relinquish the dog to an animal shelter or decide to have it euthanized.
Also changes in normal routine or even shifting houses can sometime cause separation anxiety. Training and behavior modification can greatly improve the quality of life for dogs with anxiety. Dogs with anxiety will also follow you from room to room and appear anxious when you prepare to leave. The content of this article is made available on an “as is” basis, without any warranty of any kind, express or implied, including as to accuracy, completeness or otherwise at the time of initial publication or thereafter. Some dogs take this to the extreme, and can suffer from separation anxiety when the owner is out of sight. When the owner leaves the pup alone it may become insecure and show symptoms of separation anxiety. To control barking, an ultrasonic dog bark control collar is an effective deterrent that uses positive reinforcement to train a dog not to bark uncontrollably.
Pressure from neighbors who are fed up with the constant whining and barking of a distressed dog may cause an owner to do the same. It may start mildly, but can escalate quickly and turn ugly, which can end up making your dog sick.

Major changes in your pet’s life, like moving homes or the loss of a pet or pet parent can also trigger anxiety in dogs. Separation anxiety causes a dog to become severely stressed when their owner goes out and leaves them behind. By emitting a high-pitched sound or vibration every time the dog barks – which both irritates and distracts the dog – a dog will quickly learn that it is more peaceful not to bark. It is therefore imperative that dog owners address separation anxiety as soon as a dog shows symptoms, seeking the help of an expert dog trainer to help them solve their pets psychological problem. When dogs undergo separation anxiety, they usually show stressed behavior, and also exhibit behavioral issues. Dogs without self-control often exhibit such behavior, which is commonly known as simulated separation anxiety. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any way or by any means, including photocopying or recording, without the written permission of the copyright holder, application for which should be addressed to the copyright holder.
This anxiety can manifest itself in nuisance behavior, including soiling the house, incessant barking or whining, or destructive behavior. Out of all pets, dogs are the ones that are most thoroughly looked after; medically, physically as well as emotionally. All or some of these signs indicate that your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. Very similar to misbehaving and attention seeking child, a dog starts to act rashly, knowing that he will have his owner’s full attention. While dogs from multi-pet households are not immune from separation anxiety, having another pet in the home to provide company will often prevent or alleviate some of the stress.
Therefore, dog owners want to know solutions to every possible problem that they may face with their pups.
If done properly and efficiently you can even get your dog to enjoy the time alone and on his own.
Even any form of punishment, such as scolding, or being shouted at, will be welcomed by the dog in such situations. At this stage, there should be a proper balance as to when you should take your puppy with you, and when you should leave him home.

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