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There are numerous accounts out there, most of which report a "pit bull type" or a large breed. The three key factors that lead to dog attacks are lack of education, supervision and responsible ownership. An education that should give us the knowledge to successfully keep dogs as pets in our society without such attacks occurring. Dogs learn to attack people and despite common belief no dog is born wanting to harm anybody. Expecting all dogs to let us pet them within seconds of meeting them is neither fair to the dog nor safe for us to practice. No matter how well we think we know certain dogs, children should always be supervised around them.
If your child does want to pet a dog always ask for the owner's permission and allow the dog to sniff you and your child until the dog chooses to walk away or engage in another activity.
Dog attacks on children are still common so we should really focus on our dogs not wanting to hurt them.
We have a few regular 'mastiff-types' come to our establishment but we don't separate them because they are mastiff type breeds.

I could focus on all the positives of our mastiffs but it's much more proactive to focus on dogs as a whole and provide the information needed for the owners as well as the public. We should learn ourselves, as well as teach young children, how to respectfully and appropriately interact with not only dogs, but all other species we regularly keep in our home environment. Once the dogs are familiar to us it does not then mean we can do what we like with them and then expect them to just roll over and take it. Children tend to climb all over things and if one of those things happens to be a dog the consequences can and have been devastating.
It is down to us as owners to raise dogs in a way that will make them compatible with living in our society. At work we are in contact everyday with all different types of dogs and yet not one of us has been 'attacked'. And if we think the banning of a few breeds will accomplish anything, I am certain this is just one of many more attacks that will unfortunately occur. By learning how to interact with them we automatically become less of a target for a potential dog attack. A dog cannot tell us they are not comfortable, they do it the only way they know, which could be a growl, snap, or even a bite.

For example: other dogs, people (especially children), cars, motorbikes, loud noises and anything that could potentially confuse dogs.
Any dog can bite but it is only the powerful breeds that attract attention because they can do more damage. We may have been growled at - probably many times - but due to an understanding of dog behaviour this has not escalated. We want our dogs to have pleasant experiences with all these things so they never want to become aggressive.
Your dog should only get this treat from children so your dog associates really good things with them. This again falls down to responsible ownership and so we should be able and responsible when choosing and raising a breed of dog. It is naive and misguided to blame breeds as it is if we were to blame crimes on people based on their creed or colour.

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