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Instead of a pet ID tag, buy a personalized dog collar with your text engraved on a name plate. Personalized dog collars with your dog's ID engraved on a name plate or buckle, your dog's name embroidered on the collar, or in bling letters.
Laser engraved name tags, riveted on the collar, and collars with built-in ScruffTag™ nameplates.
With so many styles, colors and patterns to choose from, you're sure to find one of these custom name plate dog collars to match your dog's unique personality just right!
With so many patterns and designer fabrics to choose from, you're sure to find one of these personalized buckle dog collars to match your dog's personality just right! Replace those noisy, metal ID tags with a beautiful hand embroidered personalized dog collar. Each of these embroidered dog collars is constructed of super strong webbing with attractive fabric overlays, sewn directly onto the webbing.
With so many styles, colors and patterns to choose from, you're sure to find one of these custom dog collars to match your dog's unique personality just right!
Whether you are looking for the latest in doggie bling bling fashion or trying something new, you will love our wide selection of personalizable bling dog collars. If high visibility is a top priority for you during those evening walks, you will love our personalized reflective collars! Buy online: personalized dog collars, custom dog collars with laser engraved name plates, personalized dog name collars. On this page you'll find our collection of personalized dog collars with name plates, or custom engraved buckles, in solid colors. In case the non-leather personalized dog collars in solid colors on this page are not what you're looking for, have a look please at all our different categories: from leather to nylon, from simple and cheap to fancy and haute couture - use our menu buttons at the top of this page please, to quickly find what you're looking for. Order online: personalized dog collars, custom made dog collars with name tags, and customized dog name collars in many styles and colors.
Synthetic, with a leather look.If you like the elegant look of leather but insist on your dog wearing a maintenance free collar, these collars are perfect for you!
Double Braid ScruffTag™ Collars made exclusively for dogIDs by Mendota Products with a built-in engraved name plate.
55% of all natural and sustainable industrial hemp is combined with 45%t certified organic cotton to create these modern, eco-friendly collars.
Make your dog the envy of the neighborhood with our unique, fun and exciting ScruffTag personalized paracord dog collars!

These adjustable heavy duty yet silky smooth nylon webbing personalized dog collars feature a personalized nameplate and side release buckle.
Personalization: customized nameplate offers up to 5 lines of laser engraved text with maximum 20 characters per line; choose your favorite font, from arial and verdana to braidley or lucida handwriting!
These velvet collars by Mimi Green have been on our site for some time now, but we've never offered them with an engraveble buckle before. Personalization: Personalized buckle collar with up to 2 lines laser engraving on the buckle with a maximum of 15 characters per line.
Introducing the new Herringbone Collection by Flying Dog with personalized laser engraved aluminum buckle. Personalization: Personalize your collar with up to 4 lines laser marked on the side release buckle with a maximum of 15 characters per line.
Couple that with a personalized high quality lightweight side release buckle and you have a practical, elegant and durable dog collar for everyday wear. You deserve that extra feeling of security that you will gain knowing your best friend is wearing the best tag collar on the market today! The Flying Dog Stealth NamePlate Tag Collar is the perfect everyday collar for your best friend to wear when comfort is essential.
In this category you'll find uptown personalized designer dog collars as well as affordable custom leather dog collars.
Choose between a name plate riveted on a reflective collar, or embroidered letters in reflective thread.
When your custom dog collar arrives, it includes a unique web address and a QR code tag that can be scanned with any Smartphone.The personalized name plate with engraved code offers you the security of knowing your dog has proper ID at all times.
Laser engraved tags, riveted on the collar, collars with built-in ScruffTags™, or ID text engraved on a plastic or metal buckle.
Made with super durable Soft Grip poly coated nylon (synthetic rubber) webbing and stainless steel hardware.Soft Grip strap was originally developed for producing bridles, halters and reins for horses. Hemp is a trendy, earth-friendly material that is perfect for your dog because of its soft, comfortable feel, natural cleanliness and strength. Hemp is the longest fiber known to man and the longer the fiber, the stronger it is, meaning these collars have some serious durability. This new laser engraved safety collars will keep you and your dog safer and will also make sure your dog is always easily identified.
A classic look updated for today's active dog with a personalization option that will help separate this product from any other.Available in five colors, the Herringbone collars and leashes are constructed of two layers of polypropylene webbing that are stitched together in three secure rows to produce a simply great looking and performing collar.

Each personalized collar is made from durable, yet super soft nylon webbing that won't fade or tear.
This fabulous jingle free collar is only offered through Flying Dog and features a slide on stainless steel tag that is laser engraved with up to 4 lines of pristine engraving.
This tag collar is designed to slip over your dog's head and then adjusted to fit with enough room to fit two fingers between the collar and her neck.
From classic brown and black leather, to hot pink collars, red leather collars, and many other colors and designs. And best of all: the personalized name plate sits right on the back of your dog's neck at all times! Each collar is one of a kind since it is hand embroidered with your dog's name, your phone number (optional) and an extra embroidered decoration (optional). These collars can be cut and additional holes added with no special melting or burning required like regular nylon. The side release military grade plastic buckle makes it extremely easy to take the collar on and off while still holding strong. If you really would like to get creative, add a hand embroidered decoration and name to the collar strap! Right on the scruff of your dog's neck so people can easily read your contact information without physically contacting your dog. This soft yet durable polypropylene braided collar matches the Mendota braided rope leads as well. The personalized nameplate offers you the security of knowing your dog has proper identification at all times. No need to attach noisy jingling dog ID tags because your contact information is laser engraved right on the front of the high impact plastic buckle. They also provide written instructions and how-to videos to help you put your parachute cord dog collar together.

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