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We wanted to train him to go potty outside with his big sister Moxie, but also wanted an alternative for him to use in the house at night while we're sleeping. We're so grateful to have such a great learning tool to use, while we're training our little guy. In closing, it is stated in the Instructional Training DVD that comes with the Puppy Apartment, that the PTPA Potty Pads are designed to be the absolute best on the market for odor control and their ability to absorb. A week before my boyfriend and I were going to pick up our newest addition to the family, we did some research on trying to find the best crates available - man, did we hit the jackpot!
Now at 4 months old, Bella has made it to the final training stage where she is able to roam free around the house. We ordered the Puppy Apartment for Lil Bit, hoping for an easy way to train a miniature dachshund that was 8 months old. I work for a Trade Showroom in Dallas, and everyone here is an animal lover through and through. I always wanted a dog, specifically a Westie, but was unsure if I would have the confidence, patience, or time necessary for house training a puppy with my busy work schedule. Before the PTPA, potty training was a hit or miss with our 10 week old Italian Greyhound, Rooney. Since using the PTPA, we have seen a dramatic increase in potty training progress and have noticed that our little guy enjoys his new-found privacy as well.
We didn't know if we could have a dog in our apartment building, we live on the 8th floor, but she was so cute!
We purchased the Puppy Apartment hoping it would be helpful to train our new Yorkie, Cocoa in the midst of winter. They still continue to use their PTPA as an indoor doggie bathroom after they have been potty-trained. We took her to the vet the next morning and he informed us that due to her being very prone to Parvo, it would be best for her not to be around other dogs or even outside unsupervised for 3 months.
She was the sweetest thing ever (and still is!), but I was very apprehensive about house breaking her because Yorkies are notorious for being challenging to potty train.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for the perfect solution to potty training.

We watched the instructional DVD that comes with the Puppy Apartment and I have to say that watching the DVD made me feel 100% confident that I could potty train our little girl. He was eight weeks old when we picked him up and we wanted to make sure we started potty training him immediately! We were recommended by a family member to look into the PTPA as a solution to our training woes. Due to our not being able to have children, dogs have always had a place in our home and hearts. We got him used to sleeping in his little one bedroom, one bathroom puppy apartment, and we used the PTPA at night while we're sleeping as a training tool - - and he loves his puppy apartment.
While on YouTube trying to learn anything I could about housebreaking a pup - I happened upon the Puppy Apartment.
It's a nice feeling when you're able to have confidence in your dog and have a mutual understanding. So do yourself (and your dog) a huge favor and try out the PTPA for yourself to see how you like it. I had the privilege to doggie sit these four little rascals twice when my bosses left for Christmas Vacation. We decided to purchase the XLarge Puppy Apartment for Domino who is blue heeler, which is also known as an Australian Cattle Dog. I must say I was totally surprised considering I watched the YouTube videos and thought maybe they were staged, but to my surprise my very own puppy was using the Puppy Apartment just like the videos.
It took us about 2 weeks to have Rocky trained in the Puppy Apartment without having any accidents in the house. So in a last attempt, I went online and came across the YouTube video of the PTPA and I figured with the 30-day trial offer it was worth a shot. After realizing what I had just done, I scrambled to dig up every piece of information I could on potty training.
I highly recommend the PTPA for all dog masters (not just owners) looking to potty train their dogs quickly.
As the second night came, it was amazing how quick the transformation was and she stopped crying.

She automatically knew not to go in her bed and with no accidents we quickly went to Level 2 training and pinned her in the living room where we could keep a close eye on her. It is easily transportable as well, so when I travel, I just fold it up and slip it into my SUV and off we go.
She also has the option to sleep in her nice and cozy dog bed (outside of the PTPA) at night if she wishes to do so because she will take herself into the PTPA if she needs to relieve herself.
Keep in mind that you still need to practice good patience when training your dog, but with the PTPA, your stress will seriously be reduced.
This is by far the best potty training tool and investment for anyone who is wanting to train their new puppy!! He was not perfect at this age but we continued to follow the training tips in the Instructional DVD, which was key.
We are still in the midst of potty training Cocoa because of his young age but once in his Puppy Apartment he knows where to go potty with no problems. The second package absorbed a little better, but I would still find little wet footprints that when tested with my black light, sure enough - she was tracking urine in her Playpen area. Potty training Bella was one of my biggest concerns and it really should've been the least of my worries.
We slowly expanded his area and now at 16 weeks he has the whole main level of the house to play and be with us and is 99% potty trained in the apartment.
Ally was just unable to hold it long enough for us to get to her, so we wound up cleaning the crate and bathing her about twice a day (not to mention it was unhealthy and uncomfortable for her). Her scent was no longer confined to her own personal restroom, it was tracked all over her area. With that in mind I did some online research for some sort of litter box for dogs when I came across your website. After watching the video on your site and on Youtube, I ordered the small PTPA, playpen, bedding and potty pads.

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