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If you are a meticulously hygienic person, then owning a dog might disgust you at some point because of what we call coprophagia.
Coprophagia may also be considered abnormal because it might be a sign that your dog has medical or behavioral problems.
Cat feces have a lot of extra elements such as high proteins and fats that will surely entice your dogs to eat them. Since dogs like cat feces because it is reach in protein and fats, provide your dog with a good diet that can satisfy his cravings for these nutrients. The things I have listed above will help you handle your dogs when it comes to poop-eating. If we don’t provide our dogs with the proper food and right nutrients on the food we give them, they will find their way to survive and that is to eat the poop that they can find.
Having said all of these and being a pet owner myself, we have the full responsibility over our dogs. Coprophagia is the behavior of the dogs eating their own feces or the feces of other beings, may it be humans, cats, horses and geese, among others. Some owners will scold their dogs when they poop anywhere and because he was scolded, your dog may think that it was bad to poop and the act of doing it is bad.

Just like for dogs who eat their own poop, using deterrents on other dog’s poop will help your dog detest the taste of the feces with deterrent. Dogs can sometimes eat feces because that is the only way that they can get their owner’s attention. Moreover, if we are unhygienic as owners and we don’t clean their dog house or any area that they are free to roam around in, they might clean it themselves by coprophagia.
After all, dogs are not just pets but we consider them as our own best friend and as a best friend, we need to look out for their welfare. This behavior may be abnormal to us, but believe it or not, they are very perfectly normal for dogs to do. Your dog’s pancreas secrete some digestive enzymes to help process the food eaten, however, most dogs are unable to secrete enough amount of these enzymes. Street dogs, for example, need to fight for their territory on the streets and look for food which most often they need to fight over with other street dogs. It is important to note that you should clean after all of your dogs even if only one of them is eating his own poop to maintain a clean environment and prevent other dogs from doing the same. Since cats are more flexible and can jump higher than dogs, you may consider putting the litter boxes on top of your washer for example.

This may be a very disgusting behavior and this annoys humans like us but keep in mind that this is not a reason for us to punish our dogs. However, normal as they may seem to be, this coprophagia may lead to serious problems that will definitely harm your dogs.
For that reason, the feces of other animals are reaching of these digestive enzymes and the dogs eat them to compensate for their lack of that particular substance.
Coprophagia is innate in their nature and it is hard to contradict such using violent tendencies.
Hence, it is very important for us to engage our dogs, and any other pets for that matter, to recreational activities such as exercise and walking through parks to divert their attention of boredom to more fulfilling and useful activities. With a clean and sanitary living condition, we can have a healthy and uncontaminated way of life that is free from the disgusting world of coprophagia.

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