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Dog Poop Eating,has to be one of the most unpleasant things we loving pet owners can witness in our beloved little dog.  Small dog breeds are usually given the best food money can buy, we provide them with five star accommodation, we treat them like Royalty, and then they go and behave like animals! Coprophagia has a few varieties, which may help you identify the specific behavior of your dog.  Auto-coprophagia is the eating of their own faeces. It is unlikely that this behavior is medical, but not impossible.  Most dogs grow out of this (Dog Poop Eating) phase with a little bit of help. Thanks for your question Carole, and you’re right I have not posted anything about coprophagia, and it is a disgusting, nasty thing. If your vet gives a clean bill of health, we have to look at coprophagia as a behavioral issue. Bored puppies are just going to get into trouble, because they will be looking for something to do, and that thing could just end up being coprophagia.
I know there are many products on the market for coprophagia, but I have not heard many good reviews, or good results. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have readers, and followers who truly care for their puppies and dogs. There is no established medical reason why some dogs eat their own feces or the feces of other animals. It seems that some dogs simply develop a taste for poop, often starting when they are puppies.

Although there are no reported scientific studies examining the role that texture and odor play in corpophagia, there are many anecdotal reports of dogs eating the feces of cats, horses, cows, deer, rabbits, and other animals. Other possible causes of coprophagia are confinement in excessively close quarters and confinement in a crate or kennel for prolonged periods of time.
Although uncommon, there are some medical conditions that can cause or contribute to coprophagia.
It is important for owners to know that coprophagia is not an abnormality in the canine world.
There are a number of products on the market that were developed specifically to stop a dog from eating poop.
A similar strategy used by some owners is to apply an emetic agent to fecal matter just before the dog eats it. No dietary supplements, additives or emetic agents have been proven to be reliably effective in stopping a dog from eating poop.
In extreme cases, dogs may actually stimulate themselves to defecate more frequently than normal (by licking), and then will eat their stool directly as it comes out of their rectum. If an owner notices that his dog is eating fecal matter, he should have her checked out by a veterinarian, to make sure that the behavior is not caused by some underlying medical condition. Learn about Canine Periodontal Disease, including how it affects the health of your dog's overall health, and what options are available to manage this type of dental condition.

When there is a serious issue, such as coprophagia, I want to make sure that there are no medical issues that are adding to the problem. So here is what we have; we are dealing with a puppy, everything is fine health wise according to your vet, except for this nasty habit of coprophagia. One of the most common causes of coprophagia is thought to be an extension of the oral phase that all puppies go through.
Your question made me look into this and, while coprophagia not the most attractive subject, it is an important one. In addition, if your puppy or dog is on any medications that cause an increase in appetite, the puppy is going to look for anything to eat. Dog Food Manufacturers add special flavorants to food to make it more appealing and the food may not be fully digested in it's excreted form.  It would appear though that even the most well-fed dog, can still submit to this Dog Poop Eating habit.

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