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Congenital disorders can occur in the ureters that connect both the kidneys to the urinary bladder.
In this disorder, the ureter does not open into the urinary bladder, but it empties into other sites such as the urethra that normally carries the urine from the bladder to the outside. Ectopic ureter may have a few other abnormalities associated with it such as smaller sized kidneys and urinary bladder. The urachus is tubular fetal structure connecting the urinary bladder and the umbilical cord. Urethra is the tube through which the urine comes out of the urinary bladder and it gets excreted through the urethral opening.
Posts related to Congenital and Inherited Disorders of the Ureters, Bladder And Urethra In DogsBacterial infections are the cause of many disease conditions affecting the urinary system of dogs.

Urine formed in the kidneys is carried by the ureters to the bladder for temporary storage. In some cases, the distal end of the ureter may be enlarged at the point where it joins the urinary bladder.
This muscular organ may have a few congenital disorders, some of which may be inherited as well. They include an inside-out, or otherwise abnormally developed bladder as well as ones that have failed to develop or remain underdeveloped. Dogs rarely have congenital disorders affecting the urethra, but occasionally certain abnormalities such as incomplete opening or complete blockage of the urethra, multiple urethras, abnormal positioning of the urethral opening as in hypospadias, and urethrorectal fistula may occur. Following the birth of the puppy, this tube becomes redundant, and it closes up to form a solid cord made up of fibrous tissue, extending between the navel and the urinary bladder.

The infections may be treated with antibiotics, but surgical correction may be required to resolve the problem.
If the urachus remains open after birth, it can cause certain problems such as the development of urachal cysts, or urachal diverticula that consist of sac-like structures.
A physical examination as well as observing the dog when it is passing urine may help detect some of these problems. The distal end of the abnormal ureter is detached from its location and reattached to the bladder.

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