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Through fun activities, photographs of real dogs and puppies and question cards, Doggone Crazy! Highly entertaining and informative, this video will take you from the basics of clicker training and how to get behavior started, through to advanced techniques for shaping and adding distance, duration and distraction. The free parent guide gives some information about dog training and puppy training to help teach dogs not to bite.
If there's no medical explanation for the biting, ask your veterinarian to determine if the dog may be acting out of fear or because he's defending his belongings. If you can't tell if your dog is biting out of aggression or playfulness, consult a professional dog trainer or behavior expert.
This version of How to Stop Your Dog from Biting Other People was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on October 2, 2015. You can figure out your dog's mood by paying attention to his body language.[4] Knowing how your dog is feeling will help you respond appropriately and prevent future biting.
In fact, your dog shouldn't be around children outside the immediate household until his biting is stopped. If your puppy or dog starts mouthing, nipping, or biting while you're playing, give a high pitched yelp.

If a puppy bites another puppy too hard, the bitten pup will yelp loudly startling the biting puppy. You can curb your dog's biting behavior by teaching basic commands like "sit", "down", "stay", and "come". Use a harness, muzzle, or head halter to prevent him from further biting.[5] Don't let your dog go outside the house without being on a leash and unless he's accompanied by a responsible adult holding the handle.
She has trained dogs using positive reinforcement methods for more than 10 years and more recently has instructed others in clicker training techniques.
Fortunately, there are many things you can do to teach your dog to stop biting and become a good canine citizen.
When he nips or bites, the puppy or dog won't show teeth or bite down hard.[2] However, if your dog is aggressively biting, his body will be stiff, he'll show his teeth, and he'll bite quickly and hard.
Working with a professional trainer is especially important if there was a human injury involved, since you most likely will not be able to correct the biting behavior on your own.
Break up the sessions into two 10 minute training periods and only work with your dog when he's relaxed.
She has worked with animal behaviorists and has used clicker training methods with pet dogs and puppies, problem dogs, shelter dogs and service dogs.

Training will take patience and time, but your well trained dog will be a joy to be around and a great member of your family. It's important to determine this since you'll need to deal with your dog differently depending on whether he's biting from playfulness or aggression. Your dog will spend time biting the toy to get to the treats which also helps release his energy.
This cross-over to human training using the clicker is called Tag Teaching and Joan is active in the promotion and development of this new method. Joan is a partner in the company TAGteach International which provides training and support for teachers and coaches working with the TAGteach method. While other kids were riding their bikes and playing hopscotch Teresa was training dogs and horses. She has trained puppies, pet dogs, tracking dogs, protection dogs and service dogs.

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