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In "Your Perfect Dog," a similar approach is used to help prospective dog owners find the best canine for their homes and lifestyles.
It caught my attention because of how it's arranged with the purpose of helping readers identify the dog breeds best suited to them. While I want to shout RESCUE and MUTT as the best breeds for pretty much anyone, I also see the value in maintaining the various often historic bloodlines of dog breeds from around the world. And I definitely see the beauty and charm of so many of the breeds, now that I know even more about them.
His books have currently sold over six million copies, and have been translated into 30 different languages.
He then profiles 175 dog breeds--from sporting dogs and terriers to herders and hunting dogs--with plenty of details on each dog's physical attributes, likes and dislikes, specific requirements, and more.

I knew a bit anyway--learning about various dog breeds has been a point of interest for me since I was in elementary school.
But this was a pretty broad (although admittedly not comprehensive) coverage of many of the recognized dog breeds, some better known than others, with breakdowns on recommended breeds for various needs--rural vs city living, singles, couples, and families with children, all of various ages, and various interests and ability levels of the owners-to-be. I have to admit I came out of reading this with some breeds in mind that I'd love to get someday if I could.
I still think it's more important to rescue than buy dogs from breeders, especially if they are specifically for companion animals, not for breeding and show or for specific work. And breeds that I can recommend for friends, based on their wants and needs.Or I could just recommend this book to them. It seems like a great tool for anyone looking to get a basic grasp of dog breed temperaments, needs, ideal settings and tasks, etc.

I would recommend this book to anyone considering getting a dog, before any decisions have been made.
Or to anyone who already has a dog with at least one recognizable breed in its bloodline, for greater understanding of the breed(s) in question. I'm actually considering getting a copy for my personal library, as a reference book to read and share (and if you know me, you know that it's REALLY rare for me to buy anything that I could otherwise borrow from the library.).

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