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Controversy: Millan's methods with training dogs have split opinionA wave of protests was unleashed even before The Alan Titchmarsh Show went out on ITV yesterday afternoon. More than 1,000 people joined a Twitter campaign demanding Millan’s appearance be cancelled. Cesar Millan has become a household name in the world of dog training and millions of television viewers tune in to his show every week.
It is undeniable that the Dog Whisperer TV show oozes Millan's charm and charismatic appearance, and the use of smoke machines and soft focus lenses only helps to increase the cinematic appeal of the program but controversy grows as many professional dog psychologists, trainers, behaviourists and canine experts claim that Millan's archaic use of choke collars and physical and mental force borders on animal abuse and cruelty. This article will attempt to address the issues raised by such critiques of Millan's methods, in order to find out whether Millan is a true canine genius, or just a phenomenally successful example of corporate American marketing strategies. Millan's early teachers were the dogs of his childhood as he watched how dogs on other farms behaved. At 21 years old Millan decided to smuggle himself into the US to follow his dream of becoming a dog trainer.
Cesar Millan does not train dogs in the basic commands, instead he claims to rehabilitate badly behaved dogs and re-train their owners. Millan does believe that dog owners should train consistently every day to prevent unwanted behaviours from returning and stresses the importance of exercise for a dog. Such is the public's reverence of Millan's techniques that many followers apply his methods to other areas such as with problem children and in the workplace.
The basis of Millan's approach to dog training has not, as he would have one believe, sprung from his own natural rapport with dogs but has been well-documented in the past by canine experts such as the late John Fisher, Dr.
Whether you agree with Millan's methods of dog training or not it is a fact that the average dog owner watching the programme does not have the strength or skills needed to apply Millan's techniques and could easily endanger themselves in attempting to do so.

Several instances of cruel and dangerous treatment that are promoted as acceptable training methods have been recorded by the American Humane Association. For example, in one episode an unruly dog was held down by its neck after having been hung by a tight collar at the hands of Millan.
In fact a television producer, Floyd Suarez sued Cesar Millan for injuries that his dog allegedly sustained whilst having behavioural training at Millan's facility. Millan says his love of dogs stems from watching them work on the farm, herding cows and guarding the property.
Having no knowledge of canine psychology, Millan saw how his grandfather, just by being quietly assertive and consistent, managed to establish control over all the dogs.
Proud of their first television set, Millan avidly watched shows such as Rin Tin Tin and Lassie which fuelled his desire to become a dog trainer.
In 1994, still having had no formal training, he was recommended via word of mouth to film star, Will Smith, to help train Smith's dog. He is best associated with walking large packs of dogs at the same time, all of which he claims have been rehabilitated and rescued. Though Millan is never seen to hit or physically injure any dog he is working with, the critics believe that subjecting a dog to archaic techniques is inhumane and causes fear and confusion in an already stressed dog.
Dunbar is very concerned that any television viewer who applies Millan's technique of the alpha rollover may get bitten by their dog.
This would have partially cut off the blood supply to the dog's brain and partially asphyxiated the animal. Suarez says that his dog was overworked on a treadmill and suffered from the use of a choke collar.

His parents were poor and Millan grew up without television or any of the things that are enjoyed by youngsters today. He realised that the dogs never needed training, rewards or commands as they worked through natural instinctive behaviour and respected his grandfather as a natural leader.
This stroke of luck led to Millan being recommended to other celebrities and from then on his future success and fame was sealed.
These professionals have devoted a lifetime to the study of canine behaviour, have delved into history books to trace the dog's origins and have written many accredited papers on canine psychology. If a member of the public were to be seen treating their dog in such manner they would be prosecuted for animal abuse. Television audiences never saw Millan attempt to modify the dog's behaviour by causing pain. Suarez found his dog bleeding from the nose and mouth, gasping for breath in an oxygen tent.
Whether the hypcrisy is Cesar's or the ever increasing desire of TV companies to show people 'fast-food' types of viewing pleasure remains to be seen. Dunbar has written six best selling books, developed the first puppy training courses and achieved many academic degrees. In an uncharacteristically belligerent interview on his ITV afternoon show last week, Titchmarsh accused Millan of hitting dogs and of administering electric shocks.

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