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Many dog owners believe that any yellow or green vomit is necessarily bile, but this is not true.
Dogs with food allergies sometimes vomit bile when they eat something that upsets their stomach.
Liver disease is a leading cause of death in dogs, but is still a relatively uncommon cause of vomiting bile. Food coloring in pet food can alter the color of your dog's vomit, and vomit consisting mostly of water may look like bile.
If your dog's stomach is empty, the grass may cause your dog's stomach to produce more digestive enzymes, and this can result in vomiting bile.

If you've recently switched your dog's food and he begins vomiting, an allergy may be to blame. If your dog vomits bile regularly, has yellow eyes, is losing weight or seems lethargic, this could indicate a liver problem. Unless your grass is treated with fertilizer or pesticides, it's generally safe to allow your dog to continue eating it, as it can help ease her stomach problems. Compare the labels of the two foods to check for new ingredients that may be causing an allergic reaction.
Pancreatitis, cancer, blows to the stomach and bacterial infections can all cause liver problems.

Your vet will administer blood tests to check your dog's liver and may recommend medication or dietary changes if your dog suffers from liver disease.
Some serious infections can cause vomiting, so if there is blood in your dog's vomit in addition to the bile, or if your dog is lethargic or has other symptoms, consult your veterinarian immediately.

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