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Being rich in minerals, vitamins, fructose and fiber, pineapple helps digestion and increases the body’s immunity. Another theory is that pineapple once digested, affects the taste of the feces, thereby making the dog reluctant to eat it. The renal system of dogs diagnosed with kidney or bladder stones is already burdened and exhausted and a certain diet is required so as to not further tax the dog’s system. Pineapple can also be used simply as a summer treat for your dog as it is healthy and nutritious. However, eating too much pineapple can harm your dogs’ health as it contains a large concentration of sugar.
When feeding pineapple to the dogs, it is important to remove its outer skin which is hard and of no use. Even as a cure for coprophagia, you should only feed your dog 2-3 slices of pineapple a day. After organizing my pantry this week,  I was faced with a surplus of canned pineapple.  A recipe in the Three Dog Bakery Cookbook helped me to knock out one of those cans. Pour the liquid pineapple mixture into the flour mixture and stir well with a big spoon to combine.  Drop by tablespoons full onto a baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray.

Boston Terriers are cool dogs, I think that might be my next addition (or a boston terrier mix). Although I have thre wonderful dogs now (2 boxers and a cocker spaniel), I’ve recently been thinking of a very loved cocker spanial we lost several years ago. Feeding dogs pineapple is beneficial since it contains the enzyme bromelain that facilitates the decomposition of protein and thus its absorption.
For this reason, vets suggest a raw pineapple or pineapple juice as a suitable cure for this illness. If suffering from calcium phosphate or calcium oxide stones, low oxalate foods are the ones that the dog can be fed in unrestricted amounts and pineapple is one of the foods on the list. A single cup of pineapple contains around 16 grams of sugar, therefore, eating too much pineapple may lead to diarrhea.
Since pineapple improves the overall ability of digestion, it allows dogs to better absorb other important nutrients from food as well. Furthermore, it is believed that pineapple helps alleviate pain caused as a result of chemotherapy. Along with a change in diet to reduce the amount of fat consumed, digestive enzymes like those present in pineapple can also help improve the dog’s health.

It is important to use only fresh pineapple since the processes that the pineapple goes through while being canned destroys the bromelain.
She would be happy to give up food completely for a simple pat on the head and a kind word. You need to be aware of both, the advantages as well as the disadvantages to feeding your dog pineapple. The treatment for prolonged inflammation includes medication, weight control, exercise and dietary control. If you wish for the dog to reap the benefits of the fruit without the risk faced from the high sugar quantities, Bromelain supplements are available online. As previously stated, pineapple improves digestion, thus removing the need for the dog to feed on its excrements. Feeding dogs a small amount of pineapple can fulfill most of their necessary nutritional requirements.

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