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Harry and Felicia Hamilton own and operate Hamilton Canine Training and Boarding Center in Bonifay Florida. I met Cathy November 2011 while volunteering as a Canine Coach for adoptable dogs at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society down the street.
They started Hamilton K-9 Training center at their residence in Bonifay, Florida in 1998, to provide boarding , basic obedience for companion dogs, and specialized training in areas such as Schutzhund training, drug-dog training, protection training, and apprehension training services to dog owners.

As a young person he sought out any information concerning dogs and obedience training.Throughtout his life, he attended several obedience classes to train dogs. Cathy sponsors an adoptable every class free of charge to improve their chances in finding a forever home and as a Canine Coach I would transport and train said animal. Together they have trained hundreds of dogs, which has given them the opportunity to work with many different breeds and perfect methods that make training both enjoyable and easy for dogs and their owners.Harry Hamilton has had a passion for dog training since childhood.

Harry continues to train dogs for sport and Law Enforcement, and enjoys helping people with their dog training needs.

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