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After reading the article, it occurred to me that I exhibit some of the behaviors of classic separation anxiety. For the sake of Calli and Phil and all my furry friends alike, I thought I’d take time out of my nap schedule to help you and your dog regarding the issue of separation anxiety. Apparently the more time I spend with my family the more my separation anxiety (or pack drive) is reinforced.
Separation anxiety is a psychological term to describe the stress and anxiety a dog experiences when owners are absent. Daily exercises, attention to your pet while you are home, and creating a routine when leaving and returning may help lessen the effects of separation anxiety in your dog.

For working dog owners, there is a new way to help distract and entertain a dog that suffers from separation anxiety — DOGTV. Boredom rarely has positive outcomes when it comes to dogs, especially those with separation anxiety. According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), it is estimated that 10 to 15 percent of all canines suffer from separation anxiety. Also, simply creating some “jobs” for your dog to accomplish while you are away, such as a treat maze or a Kong filled with treats, will help keep them entertained and distracted from their anxiety by activating their foraging instincts. Anyhow I searched for SA on my humans company website and learned that SA is short for separation anxiety.

Today, Marc Elias is the Canine Executive Officer of Pooch Pals LLC with a dog training certification from the Animal Behavior College. Working dog owners need solutions that can ease their pet’s anxiety and prevent destructive behaviors while they are gone. Distraction and relaxation are effective ways to lessen your dog’s anxiety, and therefore reduce behavioral problems associated with their stress.

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