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At this point, you are basically preventing your pet from having accidents rather than expecting him to ask to go out on his own.
It doesn't really matter if you are house training a dog that is younger or older than 5 months. Know What to DoThe tricks to properly potty training a dog are to know what you are doing, be patient and invest some time and attention to the process, according to the Pet Place website. ControlThe younger the dog, the less control it has, which means that you need to take it out more often. ProcedureTo train your dog, take it outside first thing in the morning and encourage it to urinate and defecate. The Bathroom and Eating ConnectionAnother rule of thumb to successfully potty train your older dog is to do it about 10 to 15 minutes after your dog eats. Plan BIf your dog does not go to the bathroom when you are outside with it, take your dog inside, but keep it with you. Watch to see the importance of your body language and movement when training this exercise. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. When I potty trained my puppy, I set reminders in my pda for every two hours between 7am and 11pm. Enter the email associated with your account and we will send you your username and a temporary password.
By clicking "Sign me up!" you are indicating that you have read and agree to the Terms of service. With either scenario, your training activities will be rather like potty training a human baby. It is easier to train a dog that is older than 5 months than a younger puppy because an older dog requires fewer potty times. A good rule of thumb is to figure that your dog can hold its urine for one hour longer than its age in months. It may be easier to do this while your dog is on a leash so that your dog doesn't become involved in more interesting activities.
Cattle Dog Publishing takes scientific principles of animal behavior and creates practical applications that are easy to understand and accessible for everyday use.

The more time you devote to the task, the faster you will achieve your desired result, according to the Pet Place website.
Use a word cue, such as "go potty," "hurry up," "make," or whatever word you choose to signify this action. Our understanding and knowledge, and thus our training and teaching techniques, are always evolving. It is actually easier in some ways to train an older puppy because its ability to "hold it in" is greater. If you crate your 5-month-old dog longer than six hours, you are asking for trouble, according to the Pet Place website.
If your dog is in the crate too long and has to urinate there, this will create problems later in life because the dog has soiled an area that it instinctively wants to keep clean. Then, throughout the day either have her tethered to you or on leash nearby or in her crate where she's not likely to potty.
For these puppies you'll have to rely on keeping them crated in a small den-like crate and then bring them out for potty sessions where you make sure they potty before they are allowed to play.
If they don't potty quickly, they go back in their crate for 15 minutes before their next potty opportunity.
If you find that you have this problem of pups pottying even shortly after they've pottied outside, instead of saying "But they just pottied outside" or " I just let them play unsupervised for a minute," get a clue!
In general, during the day they can be crated the same amount of time as their age in months. Or you can try an indoor potty system where you place them in an exercise pen with a sleeping area and a fake grass potty system or pee pad potty area and no other type of surface. They must learn to potty automatically when you take them outside and then never get the opportunity to have an accident when you're inside. Expect them to potty even right after they've gone outside and whenever you leave them unsupervised and change your behavior accordingly. So an 8-week old puppy can be crated for about 2 hours and a 12 week old can be crate for around 3 hours during the day. Interrupt accidents and rush the pup to a proper potty place but don't punish her or scare her or she may just learn to sneak off and potty behind your back.
Once your vet has assured you that the frequent piddling is not due to a urinary tract infection, start crating the puppy for longer hours.

But chances are you'll have to just get realistic and alternate between strict crating, safe potty times outside, and eagle-eye supervision when they are getting their playtime.
In these cases, potty training is really just about forming a habit-never giving Rover the opportunity to go in the wrong place. In fact you may be having 15-minute play sessions in the house every few hours and then long play session outside since, otherwise, when they're in the house they are resting in a crate. For instance, start crating the 12 week old for 2-3 hours at a time so she learns to hold it. That means you'll have to make a special effort to be sure they get enough playtime too which adds even more planning to your puppy care.
When you take her out, reward her with long play sessions so she gets enough interaction, play, and training time too.
My 4 year old Lab is peeing a significant amount of urine in the dining area lately, even when we are in the house! She has plenty of opportunity to go outside, has no issues with the other dog, no issues with potty training, and goes on daily walks.
If you do not catch a dog within 10 seconds and correct it, it does not have any idea what you are getting at. Recently, a female neighbor, who also has dogs and is a pet-sitter, has started coming over to the house.
It was his 3rd home and I want this to stay his forever home, he adds a part to our family that nothing can replace.
She was very well house trained and I am making sure to let her out every hour or so, but she doesn't really bother peeing when I do. She had been the perfect dog up until yesterday when she started to pee in the house, even when we would bring her out often. Then a month ago she started pooping in the house, first in the living room, then every night for 4 nights in her bed, not on the puppy pads I put down. And this is the first time since she was like 2 months old that she peed on our bed and that is where she sleeps every night.

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