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A toddler could lose her eye because of a rare infection she caught after falling in dog mess. A play area for under-fives in Platts Field Park, Manchester, warning dog owners to stay away.
She was running towards the gate when she tripped and fell and her hand landed in the dog mess.
DANGERS OF DOG FAECESToxocariasis is an infection caused by parasites that is spread to humans via dog faeces. Enter your postcode so we can keep you up-to-date with the latest local news and exciting deals.
More than 60 bags of dog poo were collected in just one week as environmental officers targeted Deanshanger streets and alleyways.

During the blitz, several owners expressed concerns about the roundworm parasites which lurk in dog droppings. Deanshanger grandmother Bridget Howes walks Ted the jug - a jack russell and pug cross - every day and she wants to remind other dog owners that if children wipe muck on their eyes, they could end up blind. Toxocariasis, which can cause blindness, spreads from animals to humans via their infected faeces.Steve Power, who uses the Deanshanger streets to exercise his cocker spaniel Bentley and Bindy, his chihuahua cross, thinks more effort needs to be made to keep the roads safe and clean. Doctors have warned that if they cannot stop it spreading using antibiotics, they will remove the eye. Amiee has been diagnosed with toxocariasis, which is caused by parasitic worms in dog mess.
Whenever we went on a family walk, my father would tiptoe cautiously ahead as if on mine-clearing duty, barking out the co-ordinates of any unexploded turds hidden in the long grass.

And no wonder: last year, local councils received 74,000 complaints about dog fouling, but handed out a mere 2,868 fixed penalty notices. Budget cuts, apparently, mean councils can no longer afford to patrol public spaces, catching irresponsible owners in the act.

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