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Petco’s grooming stations have a glass front where customers can watch their pooches get clipped and brushed. And a concerned customer caught one employee handling a dog very roughly during a normal grooming routine. Petco responded to the video, saying “There are strict grooming protocols in place to ensure the safety and well-being of pets, and we are very concerned by the conduct of the groomer in this video.” They went on to say that, after a thorough investigation, Petco had fired the employee in question. In the video, the employee’s face has been blurred out but you can clearly see the dog being abused.

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Many Petco stores offer grooming services, but an employee at this particular store in Atlanta went from dog grooming to dog abuse… and it was all caught on camera.
It’s a great idea and a fun way for the retail chain to keep customers engaged with their pets during grooming time.
According to the eyewitness, the groomer was trying to cut the dog’s nails when the pooch pulled his paw away.

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