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Please listen to what Stephanie Shain, Chief Operations Officer, Washington Humane Society, has to say about buying a puppy online. These puppies are being well looked after, and you can even get the chance to visit them if you wish.
Have you considered adopting one from a shelter…yes, they have puppies too that need good homes. Scattered among the websites of reputable breeders and rescue groups, Internet puppy scammers attract potential buyers with endearing pictures and phony promises. A good breeder will not always have puppies available, because they breed on or two litters a year, at most. If you buy a puppy online, with no visit to the breeder's home, you have no idea whether the puppy you receive will be the one you thought you were buying, with the cute picture..

Before you buy a puppy online from a breeder, obtain the breeder's kennel name, telephone number and exact location. Some buyers have waited weeks for delivery, only to find that they had become victims of fraud - being charged hundreds of dollars for a non-existent puppy that will never arrive.
Although sellers will invariably ensure a bouncing, healthy puppy, upon arrival puppies have been reported either sick, suffering from a chronic illness, or to have suffered injuries in transit.
When you decide to purchase a puppy online, you will not get the opportunity to meet it and see what its personality is like. You could quite easily buy your groceries, exercise equipment, and even your pets online too. They won't have pictures of puppies with prices next to them; generally, they won't discuss price at all.

Many people posting puppies for sale on Craigslist or other classifieds-style sites are a risky venture.
You'll need to take extra steps to make sure the seller is a legitimate person or business, and you can request references if they have sold other puppies from the same parent.

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