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These Olinari Sterling Silver USB Dog Tags combine cool man jewelry with a geeky USB drive. Fido Finder tags are made of Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel and are curved to match the curve of your pet's collar.
If he is already registered, sign in and click the "buy dog tag" link on your dog's profile page to order.
Available in several different styles, the sterling silver dog tags come on a 24-inch chain and hold an included 2GB Sony Micro Vault Drive. Why buy your dog a regular dog tag when you can choose from any number of unique handcrafted dog tags on Etsy.

Thank you very much for taking the time to not only respond to my email but also send me the dog tag silencers that I enquired about. I will wear my dog tags with pride and honor, knowing that in my own small way, I have supported those who have given the most for this honorable Republic. I just placed an order for some dog tags and I obviously haven't received them yet but I wanted to congratulate you on having the best website out there for buying dog tags. SILENCERS WERE NOT USED WITH WW-II DOG TAGSIf you prefer silencers, we will provide them at no charge.Simply select them with your order. Your special offer of a free set of black dog tags with each order not to mention the free can opener and the commemorative Vietnam dog tag ( a very dear cause to me even though I never had the honor of serving) is the best offer I've seen yet.

I did not see that you had the red medical tags when I ordered my first set from you so I will be ordering another set in the near future.
My husband gave me the following information, please put it where it should be on a dog tag. I only wish I had read a little more closely about the Vietnam Black Tags as this would have been a very nice addition to the order.

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