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The Bull Terrier is a cross between the Bulldog and the Old English Terrier with a bit of Spanish Pointer in his bloodline.
Fiery, energetic, and loving, this breed can also be protective of his owner and his territory, giving off somewhat of a fearless presence. The Bull Terrier does not require much grooming, and an occasional brushing with a rubber brush should be sufficient.
The coat of the Bull Terrier should always be short, flat and harsh, even being somewhat coarse to the touch. I’ve been given the privilege of acquiring a family of champion bloodline bull terriers. We are a privately owned, small-family breeder located centrally in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana area. Do your research on this breed before considering purchasing a lil’ one from us or any other breeder.

The Bull Terrier is very hardy and sturdy and can tolerate quite a bit of child's play, however should always be supervised, as Bull Terriers can be snippy if they are overly pestered.
Take advantage of our PuppyMatch service or simply browse our massive directory of dog breeds, dog breeders and puppy for sale listings. Although we are based in Cincinnati, we would like to adopt puppies out and build bullie families in various states.
The Bull Terrier has been used as a guard dog, a ratter, a herder, and a watchdog and does extremely well in all.
Bull Terriers are very eager to please although they can be very stubborn and difficult to train in any aspect. 1 CommentAnonymousThe Bull Terrier has a high prey drive, so having a cat around could be a problem. One of our most important goals is to offer and place healthy champion bloodline bull terrier puppies.

However, if you get your puppy from a breeder that socializes the pups with cats and then socialize your pup from a young age with your cat, then the pup should be fine.
It is our belief since owning and raising bull terriers that they have evolved into a much more gentle, people loving breed. Our dogs have all undergone medical testing and been cleared for the serious Bull Terrier genetic defects of hearing (BAER), luxated patella and heart murmurs.

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