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On the side of the Merrick Backcountry dog food bag there is also a basic feeding guide table. Note: Online calculators are intended for educational purposes and should not be used as a substitute for the expert advice from your veterinarian.
As much as mom loves what's in the food and that it's made in the USA,  she is just as happy with what's NOT in the food. Remember, this bag is just the mix, you have to add water and let it soak for at least 15 minutes to fully activate the nutrients and enzymes. Bruin couldn't understand why he had to wait so long for the taste-test or why he had to sit on that silly chair! If you’ve ever gone to the pet store and stared, mouth open, at all the different options, you know how hard it can be to settle on a dog food. This is the face of a dog waiting for her Sojos dinner:Charlie and I have been experimenting with different foods lately to provide more variety to her diet.

We rescued Coco as a young dog approximately two years old so we never really had her as a puppy.
The Merrick Backcountry ultimate ancestral canine diet recipes provide this by combining two quality components. Her level of activity is pretty much normal – she is relaxed most of the week with regular walks and the usual ball throwing, then longer hikes and games on weekends. It lists the amount of calories and cups of food your dog needs per day based on the ideal body weight.
The small size of the kibble definitely makes packing her food in her own backpack much easier.
Originally from Southampton, England, Brian has lived in the US for over 15 years, finally settling in North Carolina.
We are used to the good ol' crunchy kibble that you just pour into a bowl, so mom was eager to mix it up with water and see what Bruin thought of it.

When she was young she would devour any amount of food that we put out for her as soon as the bowl hit the ground. The first is a protein rich kibble that is made with deboned meat as the number one ingredient. That led to us splitting her food into two servings during the day so that she wouldn’t eat her entire quota of food in the morning and be hungry and begging for food the rest of the day. The Merrick Backcountry guide is based on goal weights in ten-pound increments so I used the 90 lb option as it was the closest to 88lbs. So Coco would be slightly under those amounts which means that both the online dog food calculator and the Merrick Backcountry feeding guide provided very similar results.

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